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** Venture-Agent, Canada—Saskatchewan—Regina aka Cordawg

Gary Bush wrote:
16th Level Unchained Monk with solider ticket still available!

I would love to play with your monk Gary my investigator will be lvl 15 by gencon

** Venture-Agent, Canada—Saskatchewan—Regina aka Cordawg

Slot 1 0800-1300 Thursday AM: F RED13 SFS 1-32 Acts of Association

Slot 2 1400-1900 Thursday Afternoon:   going to the dealer hall to purchase loot

Slot 3 2000-0100 Thursday PM:   play origins of the open road

Slot 4 0200-0700 Thursday Overnight:   sleep

Slot 5 0800-1300 Friday AM: F RED03 SFS 1-32 Acts of Association

Slot 6 1400-1900 Friday Afternoon: F RED03 SFS 1-32 Acts of Association

Slot 7 2000-0100 Friday PM*: D RED03 SFS 2-00 Fate of the Scoured God (3-4)

Slot 8 0200-0700 Friday Overnight:   sleeping

Slot 9 0800-1300 Saturday AM: F RED03 SFS 1-32 Acts of Association

Slot 10 1400-1900 Saturday Afternoon: F RED03 SFS 1-32 Acts of Association

Slot 11 2000-0100 Saturday PM*: playing 10-98  seige of gallowspire 15-16 tier

Slot 12 0200-0700 Saturday Overnight:   sleeping

Slot 13 0900ǂ-1400 Sunday AM: F RED02 SFS 1-32 Acts of Association
Then flying home monday

** Venture-Agent, Canada—Saskatchewan—Regina aka Cordawg

so my character will be level 15 by gencon so I will be in tier so my character will be a level 14 investigator/ 1 fighter like I said I am a utility support character but I can hold my own I am really excited for this special

** Venture-Agent, Canada—Saskatchewan—Regina aka Cordawg

Hopefully level 15 by gencon but rn 13 investigator 1 fighter I'm ranged so I can stay back and shoot and I have tons of utility

** Venture-Agent, Canada—Saskatchewan—Regina aka Cordawg

Playing my 14 or 15 elf ranged investigator/fighter at gencon and will probally go soldier at I'm looking probally the 15-16 tier

** Venture-Agent, Canada—Saskatchewan—Regina aka Cordawg

I was wondering when the acceptance letters will be sent out and I kinda want to know so I can start looking for a flight thanks

** Venture-Agent, Canada—Saskatchewan—Regina aka Cordawg

I'm really excited to play star sugar heart love

** Venture-Agent, Canada—Saskatchewan—Regina aka Cordawg

submitted it should be fun to volunteer this year

Hey their just something I want to clarify with u guys Their is a problem which my group has had we have 4 characters who have reached level 4 and taken all the loot like the medalions but stuff we don't want like the medusa mask. but we have other characters who now reached some loot scenarios rewards don't get any thing because we have a guy in the group who has 2 medalions and doesn't want to give up the medalions I just want to have one medalion for lini who needs some protection do we not play with him and say well sorry your not playing the right rules either play with the right rules or we will adventure on with out you it was his copy we were playing but we can easily get another copy. sorry the thing I'm trying to say is do all the loot from characters who's deck is already made go back into the box so other players can play with the loot when the scenarios come up thank you for your time