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The weakened telekinesis spell, telekinesis lesser, works like telekinesis except,
the weight limit is only 15 lbs per caster level
no violent thrust option
combat maneuvers are only disarm, trip, and bull rush, and use half caster level in place of CMB.

The racial build,
3 aberration, darkvision 60' normal breath, eat, sleep
0 medium size
0 speed 30'
0 standard languages
0 standard abilities, +2 dex, int, -2 con
They are fast and capable hunters, but as fliers their structure is light and thus weaker.
8 Flight 50' average maneuverability
4 scent
1 gore
they can use that horn to good effect
2 bite.1d4
they still have fierce jaws despite the weak cap on the build rules
3 constant detect magic
as magical creatures they are sensitive to magical energies
6 at will sla, lesser telekinesis, the spell described above. Assumed 3rd spell lvl. Use character lvl as caster lvl, and keyed to cha.