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My group is gearing up for a new homebrew campaign and I'm putting together a character type I've always wanted to play: a Dragon Disciple. I mean, who doesn't want to be a dragon when given the opportunity?

We have been given a 25 point buy and we're starting at level 7 (with 23,500 GP starting monies). I have a basic build so far, but I'm hoping for some optimizing suggestions. Our party is a summoning focused wizard, a moon-cursed barbarian, a fire/earth kineticist, and an archerdin.

This is the basic build I have so far.

Arithalion the Green:

Arithalion the Green, LG Human Draconic Bloodrager (Rageshaper) 5 / Dragon Disciple 2, worshiper of Apsu.

Str 21 (23 with belt), Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14

1st Racial Heritage (Kobold), Draconic Aspect (Green)
3rd Draconic Breath
4th Eschew Materials (bonus feat)
5th Improved Natural Attack (claws)
7th Noxious Bite, Power Attack (bloodline feat)

Favored Class Bonus (Bloodrager): 5 extra rounds of Rage

Equipment: 23,500 gp
+2 Breastplate (4,200 gp)
Furious Amulet of Mighty Fists (4,000 gp)
Belt of Giant Strength +2 (4,000 gp)
Cape of Free Will +2/3 (6,000 gp)
Ring of Deflection +1 (2,000 gp)
Ring of Sustenance (2,500 gp)
Wand (Infernal Healing)(750 gp)

I went with Human for Racial Heritage (Kobold) so I could start the campaign with Noxious Bite, but I could see delaying that feat until 9th if anyone has suggestions for a more useful feat chain than Racial Heritage, Draconic Aspect, and Draconic Breath.

Overall the character feels fairly strong so far. Bloodrager has access to some decent swift-action defensive spells (though the casting is a bit limited due to the multiclass) which adds some flexibility to combat, and the saves feel decent. His attacks seem decent for level 7, with Rageshaper and Improved Natural Attack really pumping up the Claw attacks. Bite +14 (BaB +6, Str +8, Enhancement +2 , Power Attack -2), with two Claws at +14 as well. Damage is Bite 1d6 + 21 (+12 Strength, +2 Enhancement, +6 Power Attack, +1 Acid)(Fort Save DC 21 vs Nauseated 5 rounds), + 2 Claws at 2d6 + 14 (+8 Strength, +2 Enhancement, +4 Power Attack).

I'm not sure how useful the 1/day 2d6 Breath Weapon would be, but it was the easiest way I could find to start with Noxious Bite. I could drop the Kobold feats and just take Noxious Bite at 9th, which would open up 4 feats. Noxious Bite is just so strong, it almost seemed worth it to me to try and get it early.

I'd love to hear any thoughts the community might have on this build, so fire away!

I'm working on making a PFS Hunter, and I'm considering the Verminous Hunter archtype, but I've run into a bit of a problem understanding the Tricks.

Does a vermin companion need to take the Attack trick twice to be able to attack all creatures? On the one hand, it seems like they would need to (being an animal companion and all), but they aren't *technically* animals, they're vermin. At level 1 burning both starting tricks just to be able to fight a wide range of things seems extreme (and the Flank trick would be really nice to have!).

Are there any rulings on this I should be aware of?

My group is going to be starting a new game this week and I'm working out what I'm going to be playing. I'm trying to build a halfling mounted archer (ranger) but I usually play more melee focused characters or spell casters, so this is a new type of thinking for me.

I'm planning on replacing Sure-Footed with Outrider, and probably take the +CL trait and maybe reactionary.

We've got at 20 point buy, and the stat array I've come up with is this:
(Fourth level bonus point added to STR)
STR 14
DEX 18
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 14
CHA 09

I've been considering building this guy as a Beastmaster Wild Hunter Ranger, though I'm not sure what to go with as far as combat feat style (And feats in general!). I'm planning on using either a Roc or a Giant Wasp for my mount, and I'm having a difficult time trying to determine just how much I should invest into mounted combat (feat wise).

As far as equipment is concerned, we will be using the standard starting gold for 4th level characters, and besides the usual weapon / armor / stat boosting items, anything specific I should look at?

Overall I really like the idea of a little halfling just raining death down on my enemies, and the added mobility of the flying mount should just be gravy. I just normally don't play archers and I want to make sure that I get this one right. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

SO I'm statting up a 5th level Conjuration (Teleportation) specialist, and I have to admit that I'm going a little nuts trying to figure out my last feat.

Currently I've got Improved Initiative, Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augment Summoning, and (due to my party begging me to take it) Craft Wonderous Item. I've got one 5th level option left available to me, but I'm totally torn as to what to take.

So far I've considered the following:

Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration) - The extra +1 spell save DC is nice, but I worry that I'm giving up too much flexibility by taking this.

Quick Draw - I'll be using wands, metamagic rods, and scrolls with some frequency, but as a Conjuration (Teleportation) specialist my Shift ability will make movement a little less important that it usually is, so I'm not super concerned.

Fast Study - Not really a feat, but I do like the idea of being able to prepare spells in the field more quickly, I just don't know how often this will come up. If I can choose my spells well each day, would I really need this?

Eye of the Arclord - Suggested by another player in the group, kind of a neat feat, but the main reason I could see taking it would be for the 1 minute of Darkvision per day (which is nice because I'm human) and for flavor, but the other benefits don't seem all that great to me.

Varisian Tattoo - The main reason to take this one seems to be the +1 caster level to all of my Conjuration spells, but the most benefit I'd seem to get out of that is 1 more round on the duration of my summons, which, while nice, doesn't seem worth a whole feat.

Any input as to what I should end up doing here? I'm pretty happy with my other choices so far, I'm just really unsure of what to take with my last option. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to play in a Pathfinder game. Our group decided to switch over for a longish campaign, and we're starting at 4th level. I've never played a 'gish' type character before, and actually I've never much cared for the archetype, but something about Magus really intrigues me. I've read what few posts there are on the boards about the class (including Walter's guide) and this is what I've come up with:


Books allowed: Pretty much all of them

Human Magus level 4
15 point buy

Str 18 (racial +2, +1 level increase)
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 07

+1 Longsword (2,315 gp), +1 Chain Shirt (1,250 gp) (2,436 gp left)

Traits: Magical Lineage (Shocking Grasp), Reactionary (+2 init)

Feats: Arcane Strike, Extra Arcane Pool, Weapon Focus (Longsword)

Magus Arcana: Arcane Familiar

Spellbook (4 cantrips at will, 4 1st level, and 2 2nd level spells per day)

4 Cantrips prepared
Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Mage Hand

9 first level spells
Color Spray, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Grease, Shield, Shocking Grasp, True Strike, Vanish

2 second level spells
Frigid Touch, Mirror Image

Our GM is a stickler for 3 to 4 encounters per day, and this is a military campaign, meaning we'll be spending most of our time (at least to start) fighting against humanoids with metal weapons and armor so I expect I'll get a lot of mileage out of Shocking Grasp. I've done a couple of mockups, though, and I'm a little concerned with resource management over a long day of fighting. With only 6 points in my Arcane Pool it seems like most of those will have to go towards enhancing my weapon. Are there wands or other magic items that I should look into to help my longevity? Is it worth it picking up +1 armor or is that money better spent elsewhere? Should I try and boost my Int with my base points? Are there other spells I should seriously consider? And I'm not totally sold on the Familiar, but it seems like the most useful of the low level Magus Arcana and it doesn't cost me anything from my already limited pool. This is also the first martial character I've ever played that didn't get Power Attack as soon as humanly possible, so that feels a little strange.

I welcome your comments and critiques as this is quite a departure from my usual play style. What I'm hoping for in the end of all this is a character that can really hold his own, and possibly bring something useful to the group.

My group is putting together a Pathfinder campaign and for once I am not the GM. Our GM is allowing anything from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and the six classes from the second Advanced Players Guide Playtest. In addition, she is allowing things from the Adventure Paths with her explicit permission, and we all get to choose two character traits.

I'm playing a Human Summoner and I'm building my character and his Eidolon, and I'm curious about a couple of somethings.

1) What happens if I'm knocked unconscious? If I'm reduced to below zero hit points, does my Eidolon stick around and keep fighting? Is he dismissed? What about if I'm asleep? Do I have to resummon him every morning if I sleep? The first paragraph mentions that they are not sent back to their home plane until reduced to a number of negative hit points equal to or greater than their Constitution score, but that is the only thing condition I've found about the Eidolon being sent back without my say so.

2) What happens if my Eidolon has two natural attacks that are listed as Primary? I'm using the Quadruped base form which grants him the Bite evolution. If I choose to give him the Gore evolution do I get to make both attacks at his full base attack bonus plus full strength modifier? Or do I have to designate one attack as a secondary attack and take the -5 penalty plus half strength damage?

I've read through the entry a few times and I haven't been able find the answers to my questions, so hopefully someone here might be able to help me out.

So I'm working on a Bard for a game I'm going to be playing in shortly, and as it is a class I've never played before, I thought I'd pop over and see if there were any experts that could give me a hand.

I've read through Treantmonk's Guide to Bards and I found it to be very enjoyable. The spell breakdown is worth the read alone, and the rest of the guide has some very excellent suggestions as well.

What I'm trying to do is make a Bard who takes on a bit more of a martial stance, part of the character concept is that he's taken vows to become part of a Knightly order who hunts and kills demons (and other evil outsiders). The idea behind the setting is that it's right on the outset of an industrial revolution, so a little steam-punkish. The other big thing is that the Gods are missing/dead/we're really not sure what, so there are really no Paladins, Clerics, or Inquisitors running around, but Oracles and Druids still exist (mainly because we didn't have any players interested in those three classes and the GM wants to do something with a seeking the mysteries of the dead gods kind of thing). We're starting at 1st level, we have a 20 point stat buy, and we're allowed to pick any two traits out of the PFRPG Character Traits Web Enhancement.

Currently, this is what I've got:

Human Bard 1
Str 18
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 7
Cha 14

Starting Feats: Arcane Strike, Dodge
Spells: Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, Cure Light Wounds, and Sleep.

With his 8 skill points per level, I've tossed points into Acrobatics, Knowledge Arcana and Knowledge the Planes, Linguistics (So I can start with both Infernal and Abyssal as languages), Perception, Performance (Oratory and Strings) and Spellcraft.

Probably the biggest hurdle I'm looking at is weather or not to dual-wield. I could easily drop my Intelligence down to 10 to get the needed Dexterity of 15 for the Two-Weapon Fighting feat at first, and it seems like it would stack up quite nicely with Arcane Strike. As it is now, I was more thinking of going the Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack route. I'm also unsure of what traits would be optimal for me. Treantmonk's guide specifically mentions NOT going the Two-Weapon Fighting route with Bard, but I feel like it would synergize with the concept well. Anyone have experience with the Pathfinder feat tree in this regard?

Anyway, I would appreciate any thoughts people have on the matter, I'm really looking forward to the game as I'm usually the one that GM's for our group, so it's not often I get to play.

I'm building a 1st level Summoner to try out in a playtest, and I'm really very excited about it, but I have two questions that I simply can't find the answers to in the main file.

On page 6 you see the following text:

Summoner Playtest wrote:

Evolution Pool: The value given in this column is the total number of points in the eidolon’s evolution pool. Points from this pool can be spent on a wide variety of modifications and upgrades that add new abilities, attacks, and powers to the eidolon. Whenever the summoner gains a level, the number in this pool increases and the summoner can spend these points to change the abilities of the eidolon. These choices are not set. The summoner can change them whenever he gains a level (and through the transmogrify spell).

My question is this: What is the Transmogrify spell and where can I find it? I couldn't find it in the core book and it doesn't appear to be anywhere on the Summoner spell list, either.

My second question is in regards to where I can locate starting cash? I think I saw a thread on that somewhere else, but it is something that bears repeating, I think.

Other than that, I'm really excited about playing a Summoner, I'm really getting into building my Eidolon as well as my character, but the feats are bugging me. I feel like it's required I burn two feats into the (almost) useless Spell Focus (conjuration) and the amazingly useful Augment Summoning. With the changes that Jason has submitted for the Summon Monster class ability, I feel that perhaps giving the Summoner a free Augment Summoning might be a nice trade. That would free the Summoner up for more feat choices to help out the main character's concept.