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carborundum wrote:
Codex404 wrote:
For the Dutch people: I got it today, so I assume yours will arrive shortly as well.

I got my book from the book depository today (ordered last Saturday) but no sign of the book & advemture from Amazon yet. Who delivered yours so I can guess what times I need to be home? :-|

There's nothing in the PostNL app in any case

When I got home it was on the coffeetable, but it has a 3S code on it. But from the size of the parcel I think it was a mailbox thing. I only ordered the Playtest Rulebook. if you order more it will probably be bigger.

My PostNL app also didn't (and still doesn't) show my parcel, but you might be able to contact them for a 3S tag. But I wouldn't bother since it's PostNL and they deliver really well (especially compared with DHL or UPS, I'm on the last section of both of their routes and sometimes my Parcel will arrive "today" for 4 weeks long until they have enough time to finish the route)

IconoclasticScream wrote:
I guess I can only assume that I'm one of the unlucky souls whose books haven't been packed for shipping yet? I've yet to get any shipping update from Amazon, and there are no packages scheduled for delivery from USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Same here, nothing from amazon and nothing scheduled with known delivery companies. But the book arrived today, so it is probably already on its way.

For the Dutch people: I got it today, so I assume yours will arrive shortly as well.

ChipmunkPDX wrote:
chris settlemoir wrote:
finally got my books yay

Ugh! I didn't get mine today, and also in Portland, OR. They are only about a 3 hour drive, and I would have gladly driven up there to get it if it meant I could have had it by now. (And the store down the street has has it since the release to sell to customers and I pre-ordered mine month ago.) I think it might be time to reconsider subscription service and get it through the FLGS. I finally think I need to see the end of 1.0 as a stopping point and enjoy my many decades of gaming I have!

Love Paizo, but after years of being a loyal subscriber, seeing this as a sign of an ending and time to just enjoy what I have!

I would suggest waiting for the update where they say they are sorry(once again) explain what went wrong and what they will do in the future to avoid it.

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:

While I appreciate the communication, I would appreciate a credit to my card for the price of shipping. No more and no less. A round figure of $15 might be nice and extra for some, but it would be better to just refund what people spent. I mean, do I get to pick what I want the credit for? Which product? Will it expire.

Not too happy with either Amazon or Paizo's shipping right now.

Paizo is not to blame, or at least way less then Amazon. They foresaw they might have issues with shipping so they outsourced it to a party known to being able to handle millions of parcels a day.

And they apparently can since people ordering from amazon had the books already.

As Vic has said before the 15 dollar store credit is something from Paizo. Amazon is the party that should make an offer to make us happier. If Amazon starts refunding the 15 dollar credit is still yours. From my point of view I dont see anything wrong on Paizos end. They will learn from this and use this knowledge in the future for other big releases.

And then, to be honest, the damage done by delay should be refunded, not the shipping costs. Somebody ordering it to play one last time with a Pathfinder fan on their deathbed would have more damage than me, someone who is currently reading the PDF and setting up a new group.

If someone from the Netherlands gets their parcel could they please mention how it was delivered and by who? Like is it a parcel or does it fit in the mailbox? And will it be delivered by UPS, DHL, PostNL or someone else?
This way I can decide on when to be home and/or track it (PostNL tracks all their packages)

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@Vic Wertz, Thanks for all the communication, this is what makes a company great, employees going above and beyond to try to fix things. I've had way worse delays with way less communication.
Thanks for your time :D



Netherlands, there are a bunch. Large packages shipped via DHL, Delivery Estimate: August 7

Small packages shipped via IMEX, Delivery Estimate: September 6

What is a small package and what is a large package? I just ordered a hardcopy of the rulebook. I assume that, since it probably doesn't fit in the mailbox, it is a large package?