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Against the Grain, A 40K Story.


The Carsis sector, on the very edges of known space.
For centuries,it has been the off and on focus of imperial interest, but very little expansion has taken place there to date.
Some say the sector is cursed, for each time an overlord of some kind have been placed in charge of the sector, for the glory of the imperium, he or she has seen a quick and complete reversal of fortunes for the worse.
The last such "lucky" individual was the heir to the Catalan Rogue Trader dynasty, who end up finding himself in front of a firing squad charged with the crime of "unnatural conduct with a xenoform".
But the imperium is ever in need of growth, and as such, the Carsis sector WILL be brought into the fold and made stable and productive at last.
As such, the sector is now up for grabs, and a call for a new overlord has been sent out.
Aside from the Ecclisiarchy and the Admechs, three Rogue Trader dynasties have answered the call.
This is the story of one of those Dynasties.

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