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Scarab Sages

This month I had a similar issue to Anthony Burgess, who posted earlier today. Normally my order is labelled as "Books" and is therefore exempt from import tax, and more importantly the surcharge our customs people add on to calculate the import tax.

This month the shipping label printed by Paizo has check boxes for
"Commerce Sample",
"Dangerous Goods" (presumably anything goblin related),
"Gift" or
"Humanitarian Donation"

But no mention of "Books".

Is this to comply with recent changes in the US Postal Service or similar?

My subscription is for the Adventure Path, Comic, Player Companion and Map Pack/Mat. If I remove the Map Pack, would this result in my order being re-classified as "Documents", or is there some new coding in the system that sets things to "Merchandise" as a default?


Scarab Sages

Congrats Dave! Awesome journey so far - may the road go ever on and on......

Scarab Sages 3/5

I know that PC wizards can try to copy spells they find on scrolls into their spellbooks during the scenario, which removes the spell from the scroll as per normal rules and needs "magic ink" as normal.
If I've run the game and I'm applying the chronicle sheet to a wizard character, do I get the same opportunity to learn spells that are listed on the sheet?
I know I would need another gm to witness the rolls , the same as if I had bought some scrolls, I'm just not sure if I get the chance to roll for scrolls in a module I've GM'd rather than played, or whether the chronicle itrms just become "available to buy".