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If only there were individual parts...


I bought this back in 2010, and it has been very useful in many fights. The floor and the connecting higher area hook together. Unfortunately if I have the clear floor out on the map, my players know there will be some flying/elevated enemies once I hook in the higher platform, but it makes easier to envision the conceptual 3D views and ranges. Now if only there expansion parts a la carte.

Much better detail that WotC's figures


Of course, one would expect it, as it costs more, duh. I just received the female human ranger and the ghost, and I'm looking forward to the release of some more of the non-random figures.


Great product but...


it was kinda flimsy. My wife had the great idea of using double-sided tape to tape the erase board to the cardboard that it came with, then tape the other side of the cardboard to the backside packing slip (decorated in the same style as the erase board). As she had cut the backside promo/packing sheet to the size of the cardboard, it worked great and is much sturdier!