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Page 42, the Drow Enforcer, doesn't explicitly cover the rules around the create darkness ability. Does the race have that ability or not?

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Seconded, great idea, a little bit too late for early adopters.

I have been reading this book for a week now and I'm loving making new and exciting NPCs for my players to meet, but I'm having trouble here.
Making my first Drow NPC and I've noticed that nowhere on the page does it implicitly say that they have a racial ability to create darkness. I know that's an old staple of the race, and the examples both have the ability, though no details are given about what it does and why they have it.
It this detail missing? Am I missing something? What's up?

Why dip into the class to get spells when you can just as easily take the minor and major magic rogue talents to gain access to a 0 and a 1st level spell. That in itself qualifies you for the arcane trickster down the line also.