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Any thoughts on considering the opponent of the Rogue flat-footed(against the rogue only) until the opponent has acted after perceiving the rogue, even if its not the first round of combat?

So invisible rogue breaks invisibility on the first of iterative attacks on say, round 3, after the opponent has acted during rounds 1 and 2, and now the opponent can perceive the rogue, but since the opponent hasn't acted since the rogue broke invisibility, one could argue the opponent is still flat-footed against the rogue, similarly to the beginning of combat. They haven't had a chance to react and defend themselves.

Taja, Thank you for the research. I believe you are using one example of a real world repeating crossbow that is not actually covered in the Pathfinder rules so it is pretty much comparing apples to oranges. The link you provided depicts a bow where the mag cannot be removed which is a contradiction to the bow presented in the game. But the concept is similar and the figures actually support my understanding of what is presented in the Pathfinder rules and my thinking of the way my "one in the chamber" concept should work. (If you could remove the magazine in figures you linked, you would be able to load an additional bolt into it after one was "nocked".)

Here is the image from 3rd edition which has the same text description as Pathfinder:

Does this change your opinion of what the bow can and can't do?

Graystone, Thank you for responding but I have to disagree with your opinion about the bolt falling out if the mag is removed. Why would the bolt fall out of the weapon? It also doesn't make sense that it would remain in the magazine.

I would think the mechanism works something like this:

1) Load a full 5 bolt Magazine. (Full Round Action if in Combat)

2) Pull reload mechanism lever. (Free Action)

Now you are ready to fire a bolt, i.e. one bolt is "in the chamber" or nocked if you prefer.

But if instead of firing now, you detach the magazine (which now has 4 bolts), load another bolt into the magazine to make it a fully loaded 5 bolt magazine(I would consider this a full round action), and then re-engage the mag onto the crossbow (another full round action).

I think you can be ready to shoot 6 total bolts without reloading a fresh magazine.

It makes an under powered (but very cool) weapon a little more powerful, and a little cooler/more bad-ass.

I don't see anything in the rules about this, I just think it was never thought of. I also don't think this is over-powered.

When you reload a repeating crossbow out of combat, you can have 1 bolt nocked and ready to fire, AND have a full magazine of 5 bolts ready and waiting to be re-loaded with the repeating mechanism.

Anyone see a problem with this?