Ostog the Unslain

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A GMs dream come true


The level of detail in the maps, encounters and journal entries is absolutely astonishing.
I got the module just out of curiosity in a humble bundle and after looking into it and playing around, I will definitely play this with my group.
The amount of work which this foundry implementation lifts from my shoulders as a GM is just mind boggling.
As a comparison: I ran The Fall of Plaguestone over Foundry shortly after it came out, and my prep time was about double or tripple of our playtime.
I do not see the need of more than half an hour prep before any session with the way the adventure is implemented.
As a bonus: You also get an absolut lovely soundscape which you can use.
As value per money goes, this is the bees knees.

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I did all the tokens by hand for the Bestiaries till now. But those tokens are all done so wonderfully, I absolutely do not regret the investment.