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Full Name

Cashara Android Ghost operative Lv.1 outlaw


HP:10/10|SP:0/6|RP:4/4|EAC:13,KAC:13(AC VS CM:21)|Fort:0,Ref:5,Will:4|Init:+4|Perc:+4/SM:0|Speed 30FT|Active conditions- None|


Acrobatics:+6,Athletics:+4,Computers:+6,culture:+6,Engineering:+6,Piloting: +7,slight of hand:+7,Stealth:+7.


Female Android Ghost operative Lv.1 outlaw








Common, Abyssal, Lashunta, Ysoki.

Strength 11
Dexterity 17
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 11
Charisma 10

About Cashara A3ion

This character is still in Process

SFS # 2357683-702 STAR

blood red hair, dark red eyes, slightly pointed ears (more than a half-elf's, less than an elf's), deep red lines that run along her neck back arms and legs and some on her face that only show at full power.

Faction:Acquisitives Champion

Cashara, waking up in an ally (ether with wiped data banks or a new soul, no one really knows), she does not remember a thing besides her name and assumed gender.
She gets up and walks out, and before she knows it, she is sitting in jail for gods knows what.
some memory returning, with somewhat of a reboot, she starts to recall things and places, but nothing particular about her former life.
they let her go once they figured that she knew nothing of what happened.
finding opposition, she cried not knowing what else to do. and as she did so, an old blind man came and sat next to her. when she asked why he answered "I might not be able to see, but I can hear, and what I hear is soul in pain". he took her in and taught her many good things. Taking most of them to heart she, on occasion, went out looking for some answers of who she was, and maybe even people to help.
doing this, however, did get her into trouble sometimes as she was seen with some shifty characters ether trying to stop them of asking them questions.
finding her at some point, Radaszam “The Dealmaker” made her an offer. she would work for him, and he would help her find who she was.
she signed on.

social info:
for an android, she shows some emotion. a little odd because of her past and loss of some memory, she is still as hard to read as ever.she does like to help others. If there is at any point a chance to get information on her past, she will chase it down, and hold fast to it until she is satisfied, the only thing that would keep her from doing so is to complete the current task.

Female android Ghost operative Lv.1 outlaw Medium, C,G,
, Perception:+4, Init:+4.
EAC:13, KAC:13, AC_Vs_CM:21
HP:10, Stamina:6, Resolve:4
Fort:0 Ref:5 Will:4
survival knife +0/1d4S/analog, operative/L
Pulsecaster +3/1d4E/30FT/20 charges/nonlethal/L
Coil Rifle, Precision +3/1d6P/60FT/4 rounds/ sniper (250 ft.)/2
Str:+0 Dex:+3 Con:+0 Int:+2 Wis:+0 Cha:+0
Attack Bonus: Melee:0, Range:3, Thrown:0

Perception:+4,Sense Motive:+0,
Acrobatics:+6,Athletics:+4,Computers:+6,culture:+6,Diplomacy:+0,disguise:+0 ,Engineering:+6,inimidate:+0,life science:+0,Medicine:+6,Mysticism:+0,
Physical science:+0,Piloting:+7,Profession (hired Protection):+0,slight of hand:+7,Stealth:+7,Survival:+0.
Operative’s edge +1

other equipment:

CONSTRUCTED (+2 racial bonus to saving throws
against disease, mind-affecting effects,
poison, and sleep, unless those effects
specifically target constructs. do not breathe or suffer the normal
environmental effects of being in a vacuum.), low-light vision and darkvision 60Ft,
DCs of Sense Motive
checks attempted against them increase by 2.
trick attack +1d4.
upgrade slot: