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Hi everyone! I will be in attendance all 4 days and will have my Nintendo Switch with me. In between panels you may see me waving it around looking for 2 player games (probably in the common areas where I'm not disrupting other games or foot traffic). Come find me if you have a few minutes to spare, and if you have one and a copy of the game, bring it along. The more the merrier! I think I'll post which specific t-shirt you'll be able to find me in each day.

Hope to see you there!

Shadow Lodge

All-new content? I am intrigued!

Shadow Lodge

As an attendee, I'd like to discuss character options. I'd like to play a rogue, and I really look forward to this session!

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Would anyone like to take this off my hands? It's not in perfect condition, because the sticker sealing the comic landed on one of the pages and peeled away some of the paper. This happened while I was taking the comic out of the sleeve so that the writer Jim Zub could sign it.

It does have his signature, but the sticker sealing the sleeve has been thrown away. I was a little angry. The certificate of authenticity is included, if it even has any value anymore.

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This is a gorgeous piece of art. Are there plans to do a B&W Virgin cover? For any of them, really?

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I'm really sorry to say this, but I left my chronicle sheets at work earlier this week, and when I went back to claim them they suddenly went missing!

I have a 3rd level character who hasn't been touched since last PaizoCon, and I have plans to get to him to 4th this weekend. A friend and I are even using teamwork feats and scheduled for all the same events so he'd hit 4th level too!


I went out of my way to buy all of the content we've actually played through together, so I have printouts of all of the chronicle sheets that I need. Is there a willing GM or Paizo employee willing to sign off on them at the con? You'd be doing two people a HUGE favor!

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Why can't Arcane Bond be used with armor or other wondrous items?

I know wizards don't have any armor proficiencies, but what's stopping them from taking the feats? Being able to enchant your own armor with a free item creation feat sounds great, especially if it frees up a spell slot for something else in your repretoire.

Also, aren't amulets wondrous items already? Why the limitation on them? (Though single-use wondrous items like potions would just be silly.)

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Hey all,

One of my favorite prestige classes was the Shadow Adept from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Before I created my Pathfinder Society character here (Dashem Enhyde), his top build actually utilized that prestige class.

Making Dashem a Shadow Dancer (which I plan to do) is for all intents and purposes the next best thing to what a Shadow Adept can do. Are there any plans to bring this prestige class over to the Pathfinder system? And what about the Entropomancer or Truenamer prestige classes? Though the Words of Power system feels a bit like an homage to the latter.

Has anyone heard anything?

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Hey all.

I have a Society character who I plan on giving levels to in Shadow Dancer. Are there any rules in Society that prevent me from summoning my shadow, due to taking negative levels if he's dismissed or killed? Or do I just not take the negative level penalty?

I didn't find anything that would prevent that in the Guide to Organized Play.