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Greg H. Vaughan, I presume?


Let me paraphrase this by saying I am strongly biased towards this adventure. Firstly, Greg's adventures have been responsible for more player deaths than any other adventures I have run (Including Tomb of Horros, and Tied with Castle Ravenloft). Second, I have always loved the jungle adventures of Indiana Jones, Dr. Livingstone, and others. Thus this adventure is right up my alley, but was not perfect.

All Aboard!: The adventure opens really well, with a rather dangerous and exciting encounter that brings the PCs to the attention of the questgiver. However, if your party is not the typical band of murderhobos (as mine was) then you will be hard presses to find motivations beyond greed.

Old Man River: The river journey was the meat and cheeze of this adventure. Our party took to it with gusto at first, but the module made a really good job at bringing to life all the hazards of river travel in a jungle to life. This wore our party out very quickly as repeated failures and delays, plus encounters where desperately fleeing was the only victory we could secure, sunk morale amoung the crew like a lead weight in water. It was fun in a mastochistic sort of way.

Darkest Mwangi: The ending of this dungeon was BLOODY MURDER on anyone who had a consceince. I admit that our party didn't really win this adventure so much as we escaped with our lives and a measely 50gp profit each. Yet I think that it was the type of ending that this adventure was ment to have, and left the players thinking more about the vast gulfs between cultures, environments, and morals just within the party, let alone between us and are multiple opponents. We weren't even sure if what we had done was right, which left us reflecting on this adventure for a long time afterwards. When an adventure can do that, then it's a damn good adventure. Awesome job!
But also, F(@% MISQUITOS!

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Wisest, Fairest, and Most Bafass of all Races...


I would like to post this dosclaimer before I continue: in the Elf vs Dwarf contest, I am on the side of the dwarves.
With that out of the way, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Having been a fan of LOTR and the elves in the early days of the World's Oldest RPG, I have felt that elves have lost some of their mystique. This book restores some of that, giving DMs tools to make elves into the master warriors and skilled artisans from the tales of old. This is especially true in their gear and feats, which gives them mastery of archery worthy of the Peter Jackson elves. Overall, this book has made me want to run elf focused campaigns again.
This being said, please to dwarves next! You guys rock.

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Astounding Detail


While the Pathfinder miniatures line has always done good work on their painting and sculpting, I NEVER expected this level of detail on a plastic miniature before. Usually when I ordered plastic miniatures from other companies I get one or two that are just a bit disappointing (a memorable one was when they put a Maralith's fangs just a bit too high so instead of fangs it looked like she had a milk mustache). With the high level of detail that Wayne Reynolds puts into Pathfinder's Iconics, I had thought I would get some similarly humorous mistakes. But I was gobsmacked. Not only did they include the minutest details I had thought they would just write off (arm tattoos, weapon decorations, ect.), but NOTHING was askew, mis-coloured, or warped. My only complaint was that they were secure enough in the packing that I thought I might pull them off their bases when I tried to get them out, but that is a petty and small complaint not really worth mentioning. Overall 5 stars, keep up the good work guys.