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My party is halfway through Shattered Worlds and I'm reading ahead into Ruined Clouds. Is it just me or are the starship combat encounters up to this point remarkably underwhelming?

The two little fighters after leaving the Starkiller's spine seemed like they were going to be too easy for my crew, so I made it three. After a couple rounds, I added another wave of three. All size were nuked by the Maiden in short order. Out of the 6 they scored maybe three hits and never breached shields.

The Rusty Rivet was almost as bad. My party put most of their upgrade points into a single giant turret gun and are running roughshod over these ship encounters.

I'm thinking that the Fearful Symmetry will also need a significant upgrade to make any impression on my party - I don't want them thinking ship combat will always be a cakewalk.

Any suggestions on how to power up this encounter in a fashion that will present a more interesting (and hopefully maybe a bit scary) encounter? Just level up the Azlanti ship? Any particular tactics?

Dax Thura wrote:

This encounter does not let up.

That gives me some really good context and inspiration - much appreciated!

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My players should reach the Stargazer next session, and in trying to plan how Salask would be a smart sniper, I realize she is basically backed into a giant dead end if she lets the players reach the entrance to the structure. How is she supposed to "find a better location" if there is no way to get out and flank the PCs?