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Far More Better Than Your Expactations


At last, all the information on Golarion clicks together perfectly. If you, like me, have had the chance to follow through the creative process that detailed Golarion in the past threee years, this book is the final assembly of all the information that's mixed and mashed in your head.

One thing I always liked about Golarion was that it is a whole world, designed and detailed for gamers, by gamers. It's not -like most settings- an "expansion" of an author's mary-sue characters background story.

Whichever system you are running your game on, you should get this book and see how an entire world can be designed part by part to provide any flavor and theme a GM might want; but still not feel like a scramble.

Thank you, for the honest effort and hard-work that you have put into this book, Paizo.

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Blood and Sandals


I like testing the combat abilities of my players and my own and an arena flip-mat helps a long way to set the mood.

After a couple of games, I developed a pure arena setting with it's own NPCs, rules and economics of its own.

If you enjoy the occasional arena match, or if you are thinking of running a melee campaign like the Spartacus tv series, this mat is for you! :)

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Transforms the entire gameplay


I received my Plot Twist Card just a week ago, and already my players have started to watch the game and the background story with even more attention, trying to jump on to any detail that they can use these cards to alter our game.

Well, yes, bad news for control-freak DMs, but these great deck allows your players to modify and change your game in a new direction. Which made the game even more enjoyable for me, now my players get to surprise me too! :)