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Upon attempting to export images from Hell's Rebels for use online, the PDF alerts me that they are "password protected" and that I am not allowed to open them. Well, I own them, and I want to use them to run a game. Is there a reason this is happening or a way to circumvent it? I just downloaded them tonight, so it's not something new.

Thanks for any help!

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Under the "Size and Magic Items" rules you can find the following:

Size and Magic Items wrote:
When an article of magic clothing or jewelry is discovered, most of the time size shouldn't be an issue. Many magic garments are made to be easily adjustable, or they adjust themselves magically to the wearer. Size should not keep characters of various kinds from using magic items.

Is there any reason an unslotted wondrous item like a Handy Haversack would not resize for use on a smaller eligible individual? If I wanted to give it to a familiar, is there anything contradicting this interpretation? What about general items, like a Robe of Voidfrost or something similar?

I'm asking this not for generating loot, but for use during a game. Are wondrous items meant to be "one size fits all"? If I find one in loot sized for a giant, can I give it to a tiny familiar that qualifies to wear it?

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The clarification of illusion spells that so many I've seen asking for for so long were released not too long ago on pg. 158 of Ultimate Intrigue. I was talking to a few friends a while back and they brought up that these rules are technically not legal, as they aren't explicitly stated to be allowed in the additional resources document.

Is there a way we can solidly add these rules to PFS? I am of the opinion that we needed the clarifications here for a long time. It details what is and what isn't an interaction in regards to illusions that allow saves upon interacting.

I think this should be added as more than just guidelines. Illusions already suffer enough table variation; it would be nice to eliminate some of it.

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I was thumbing through the APG and found Bloodvine Rope as a purchasable alchemical item. I don't see it banned anywhere, so it must be legal, but it seems really silly.

The break DC of the rope is 30. That's the same as an Arcane Locked, Stubborn Nail'd sturdy door. It's harder to break this rope than it is to break down an iron door, bend iron bars, and break down a sturdy door. I'm only asking because PFS tends to trim the fat and leave out things like this. I understand it's alchemically treated, but a DC of 30 is a bit much. Grapple-based characters can really run with this, as the DC to escape is 35.

Finally, if the rope is cut up, what is the new figure for each piece of rope? Is it the same as the whole rope? When is the rope considered "used", besides after is has been burst with a strength check or cut with a slashing weapon?

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In the CRB pinned acts as an extension of the grappled condition. The rules for pinned are as follows:

Pinned Rules:
A pinned creature is tightly bound and can take few actions. A pinned creature cannot move and is denied its Dexterity bonus. A pinned character also takes an additional –4 penalty to his Armor Class. A pinned creature is limited in the actions that it can take. A pinned creature can always attempt to free itself, usually through a combat maneuver check or Escape Artist check. A pinned creature can take verbal and mental actions, but cannot cast any spells that require a somatic or material component. A pinned character who attempts to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability must make a concentration check (DC 10 + grappler's CMB + spell level) or lose the spell. Pinned is a more severe version of grappled, and their effects do not stack.

It seems to disallow actions by omission here; by asserting that the pinned creature is limited to a set of actions and then proceeding to list actions that are allowed, by omission it is denying any other action. At least, that's one common perception of the rule as I've seen it asked.

So my question is as follows: Is a pinned creature allowed to attack? Are they allowed to do anything else that isn't listed under the pinned condition?

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As I prepare for a 7-11 tier game, I discovered I didn't know how monster height is handled. In a home game I either guess the height or go with the material, but in PFS, I don't have any idea how they calculate height and deal with reach.

So, are monsters considered 5ft tall (I know, absurd, but sometimes PFS is absurd), giving them an effective 3D vertical reach of that which is listed for reach, or do they get their height in addition to that reach?

Ex: A specific Huge creature has 15 foot reach. Does he reach 15ft up, or does he reach 15+ his height (somewhere around 25-30ft) up?

I am completely excluding normal reach rules, as they are well understand and don't have any nuance.

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The East Texas Pathfinder Society group will be hosting a mini-con. It will be held at Pleasant Bowl, a local bowling alley in Mt. Pleasant with a large enough area in the back to host a number of games.

The event will be this Saturday, April 30 and the first game will be at 1pm. We will have multiple tables running at the same time of multiple levels, and Warhorn signups should be available within the next day.

Pleasant Bowl's is 754 E 16th St, Mt Pleasant, TX. I will be looking forward to meeting and running games with anyone who participates.

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I've seen this asked before, but I haven't seen a definitive answer. For Improved Familiars, are you meant to apply the intelligence score for familiars detailed in the table, or is it assumed that the familiar keeps the intelligence score of a creature of its type?

For example, a Lyrakien Azata has 14 intelligence, but going by the chart you'll see it ought to have 9.

Which ability score are you meant to go by?

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I'm looking for an official ruling or something to show I am justified in the belief I am about to detail:

I have a couple players who own a Mask of Stony Demeanor. I checked the sheets and saw that they both purchased it for 500gp, after the ARG errata that details the new cost of 8000gp. Because it has two official sources (ARG/UE), why weren't they both errata'd at the same time?

Does this mean that a play who purchased the MoSD from the ARG must pay 16x more gold than a player who bought the same mask from UE?

If someone owned the mask before the errata, are they allowed to keep it? Sell it back for the new half? Sell it back for the old full price? Sell it back for the old half price?

If there is some sort of custom or guideline I can follow here to clear this up, I would appreciate it.

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Blood of Shadows wrote:

Dusksight (2 RP): Characters who operate below canopies or fight in dimly lit caves and shadowy planes of existence learn to use their low-light vision to deduce a foe’s position from the flickers of shadows around a target. When making ranged attacks, characters with this trait can reroll the miss chance granted by cover to any target in dim light, and take the better of the two rolls. The miss chance for total concealment applies normally. Dwarves can take this trait in place of hatred and darkvision, also gaining low-light vision. Elves, gnomes, half-elves, and halflings can take this trait in place of keen senses. Half-orcs can take this trait in place of weapon familiarity, also gaining low-light vision.

I can't find anything, be it in the CRB or online, corroborating the assertion about miss chance for cover.

In the case of Half-orcs, who already have Darkvision, why would you want to take this trait? Is it exclusively for Half-orcs that take Skilled or Sea Raider as alternate racial traits for Darkvision?

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I'm a little concerned about my Beginner Box order from early late last month (as part of the promotion). I haven't received any information about its shipping status, and it's been a couple weeks.

I paid for priority mail and, given the time it has taken for the product to arrive, I want to know if there's any way I can get my money back. I asked to swap it to standard, but my local USPS say they have no record of the package in the system. I've been told it should come with a tracking number, but there isn't one.

Should I be worried? What's going on here?

- Nick

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As the title. Can a Deuttist have their familiar use a masterpiece they have learned either by sacrificing a feat or a spell?

In the Familiar Folio the text reads

Familiar Folio wrote:
The familiar can use any of its master’s bardic performances, but only the familiar or the duettist can have a performance active at any given time, not both.

and in the section in any given book on bardic masterpieces:

Masterpiece Rules wrote:
Talented bards can learn or create masterpieces, unusual applications of the bardic performance ability requiring special training.

It says "unusual applications" of the bardic performance skill that must be learned. Does a familiar that has trained with you from level 1 not have the ability to emulate masterpieces?

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I need those of you who have experience with higher level spells to judge and revise my chosen spells.

Am I missing on any totally essential spells? Are some of my chosen spells redundant? Here's a bit of info to start you with, with the rest of the planned build in the spoiler.

Wayang Umbral Sorcerer
Stat Spread:
Str: 7
Dex: 16
Con: 12
Int: 14
Wis: 10
Cha: 17 (+3, levels 4, 8, and 12)

0(9): Spark, Light, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Detect Poison, Prestigitation,
----- Detect Poison, Ghost Sound, Message
1(5+1): +Ray of Enfeeblement, Mage Armor, Color Spray, Enlarge Person, Grease,
2(5+1): +Darkvision, Invisibility, Glitterdust, Rope Trick, Touch of Idiocy, Darkness
3(4+1): +Deeper Darkness, Haste, Slow, Shadow Step, Dispel Magic
4(3+1): +Shadow Conjuration, Eyes of the Void, Dimensional Door, Phantasmal Killer
5(2+1): +Shadow Evocation, Teleport, Magic Jar
6(1): Contingency (Teleport)

Character info:

Primary Skills: Stealth, Bluff, UMD, Spellcraft, Knowledge Arcana, Diplomacy

Traits: Magical Lineage, Magic is Life (?)

1: Toughness
3: Improved Initiative
5: Shadowy Dash
7: Skill Focus:Stealth, Stealth Synergy
9: Empower Spell
11: Piercing Spell

-1: Shadow Resistence (+2 saving throw vs. shadow)
-Lurker (+2 Stealth, Perception)
-Shadow Magic (+1 DC to saving throws when using shadow subschool spells)
-1/day ghost sound, pass without trace, ventriloquism (CL=total level)
-Darkvision 90ft, Light and Dark (1/day, heal with either positive or negative energy),
-Casting spells in darkness increases CL by 1
-Cloak of Shadows (3 + CHA mod, standard action grants stealth bonus in dim or no light by 1/2 sorcerer level for 1 round per 2 sorcerer levels
-Small creature, 20 base move speed

---108k expected wealth---
Key items in order of importance (sort of):
*Handy Haversack* (7 Str)
Boots of Springing and Striding
Cloak of Resistance
Sleeves of Many Garments
Wayfinder: Pink and Green Sphere
AC items (Bracers, Amulet of Nat. Armor, Ring of Prot., etc)
Headband of Alluring Charisma

Wand of Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law
Wand of Comprehend Languages
Wand of Cure Light Wounds

Rod of... something. Might go silent spell.

Bloodline Abilities:

Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell in an area of dim light or darkness, your effective
caster level is increased by 1.

Cloak of Shadows (Sp) 1st
Nighteye (Ex) 3rd
Shadow Well (Sp) 9th

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I will be GMing the PFS scenario "Storming the Diamond Gate". In this scenario, there is a puzzle that I am not understanding. Here's the snip that explains it:


Once in place, an amulet acts as a dial to rotate the iron
portal’s three rings, every ring rotating in turn for each
90 degrees Areshkagal’s demonic rune is rotated from
plumb. The amulet can be turned to the right or left
as desired, until locked into the initial position
(with Aldinach’s demonic rune aligned
correctly on the dial), locking all the rings
in place at their current alignment. Only
one ring rotates at a time, and when the dial
is turned, one ring stops before the next begins
its rotation; the mechanism doesn’t stop between
runes, and there is always a demonic rune in each ring
under the crimson diamond at the portal’s apex.

What's going on here? These are cryptic instructions, and I am supposed to know what's going on. I can provide more if needed.

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Building a number of characters atm, upcoming events may require it. The one I am currently working on is a Kitsune sorcerer with fey blood, and I noticed that enchant DCs for such a sorc are really high off the bat.

What should I focus on for my ability score? I was thinking 18 charisma, at the very least. This costs ten points. Kitsune also get a +2 in dex, which is helpful for a sorcerer's AC. How should I spend my remaining 10 points?
Currently thinking 9, 16, 10, 12, 12, 18.

For my 1st level perk, I was torn between a combat-aiding perk or the ability to go around disguised easily with realistic likeness. Are there any traits that would help increase my DCs for enchantments? Either that or some increase to allow me to better use the social aspect of my character.

Lastly, I need some really good first level enchants or generally good spells. I was thinking hypnotize at the very least, and color spray looks amazing. Thoughts, suggestions?

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First and foremost, I've found that it can be very difficult to get into the game as the staggering amount of knowledge you need to even begin play is prohibitive. To that end, I have looked up as much information as I could in my free time. Still, I am new and ignorant, and need more than a little bit of help on even the more basic things.

I joined a group about 2 months back that played weekly or biweekly. Making a character is difficult enough, but after looking through the allowable races (correct me if this is outdated) I found Wayangs were allowable in society play. Looking to play this race, I immediately hit a stumbling block- what does my character start with? 150 gp, basic clothing worth ~10gp or less, and traits, of course, but there are subleties, such as:

* Do I simply receive the racial bonuses? Do I receive ALL of them (all feats, racial traits, alternate traits), or am I still bound to the 2 traits, one feat at level 1?
* What counts as a high intelligence score as far as languages are concerned, and how many do I receive?
* Is there a quick way to determine what archetypes/extra feats/traits are legal in society play?

I'm wanting to make a stealthy character that aids my team as a sort of scout, one that forgoes almost all defense to rely on stealth and the ability to hide back away from enemies. I hear poison is bad, but I find it intriguing and maybe even fun from the roleplaying aspect, so I want to use it. Any tips character creation along those lines?

Sorry for the block of text, I tried to break it up a bit. I have a lot more to ask, but I don't want to step on any feet, so I'll leave it at that. Thanks ahead of time for any advice.