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Truly, a poorly written scenario


I am going to avoid spoilers, but it won't really matter because you don't really get much for lore in this scenario. At the beginning, you are put in a no-win scenario. Whether you win the guards over or not, you are punished. This leads to incredibly awkward scenarios where you won over the original guards and your fight with others spill into their room. They have no written tactics for this, even though it is *incredibly likely* for this to take place.

Many of the stat blocks have "before combat" portions, but don't calculate in any of these bonuses. This means the GM has to do it herself, which slows the session and hurts the flow of the game. Depending on the subtier, the boss is either a monster who overpowers you or a total pushover who cannot harm you at all.

Finally, and the biggest and most egregious error in my opinion, was the fact that a lot of your success here depends on you killing a creature in a past scenario. This creature has a very low morale and a very high mobility, meaning s/he will run for most groups and will almost always get away.

This had a great atmosphere and a good vision, but the execution was so poor it felt like a chore to play.