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More options for martials


This book is all about expanding options for martial characters... letting them combine equipment, styles, and options that were previously mutually exclusive. Things you'll find in this book;

New combat options such as shield and two-handed weapon, buckler and ANY other weapons/options because the buckler is treated as not being there at all, an extra attack headbutt on a full attack action, double move and two attacks for shot on the run and spring attack, trip attacks on enemies you shield slam, using a gauntlet as a buckler or a buckler as a light shield, use combat maneuvers against larger opponents, and MANY many more.

37 new combat stamina tricks from this book, Dirty Tactics Toolbox, Dragonslayer's Handbook, Magical Marketplace, and Melee Tactics Toolbox.

One thing I particularly like is how so many of the options in the book open up the possibility of using different types of armor for different jobs. Going on a covert mission? Switch out your plate to leather armor for mobility and stealth... and still have access to all advanced armor training feats, armor mastery feats (if you have 'armor training' - which this book adds to archetypes for several classes), and light armor feats and tricks. There is even a Paladin archetype which swaps mercies for the ability to 'summon' the right armor with the right enchantments for the job at hand.