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Avoid. Period.

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Overall this scenario is generally poorly designed and written. It is intended for players running 5 - 7 level characters. DO NOT PLAY IT ANY LOWER. It has been haphazardly hacked poorly to included lower level play by someone without a good understanding of how Pathfinder works in the real world.

The encounters are either bland or poorly designed with critically awful design decisions. First potential trap is a fire blast trap in an enclosed space that can do 2d4 damage with just putting a simple puzzle in wrong. Potential for draining healing reserves right here with a few flubbed rolls. So, even before you step foot into the vault, your health and healing has taken a hit.

For the next ecounter... Lemures for low level players? Really? You want to throw Lemures with DR, immunities, and resistances intact at low level players... And, have all their abilities invalidated and to make players feel absolutely useless and question why are they even playing their chosen characters. You want to throw a creature with DR 5 Good/Silver, Immune Fire, Mind-Affect Spells, Poison, and Resistance Acid 10 Cold 10... To a second level party? If you ever want to drive people to play any other game than Pathfinder or keep them from playing another Pathfinder Society game... Just throw creatures to take the few things a low-level player has and completely render them useless. I question the author's understanding of how the Pathfinder system works.

And some will say, but a means of defeating the creature DR is provided! First, of all, why would mercenaries hired by the bad lady have the means to undo her defense force? Also, there's the process of not only identity the means with a knowledge check, but there's also the specific Knowledge Planes check require to identify the creatures enough to EVEN know to use the means provided.

Then you encounter a 5th hallway of blade traps with a crossbowman with +1 bolts and a hand on the trap reset switch. So, party is having to contend with a trapped hallway, lined up in a row, without a chance to disarm the traps... while someone takes pot shots at them to do 1d10+1 damage. So, a potential party wipe right here, since this is immediately after the fight with the Lemures.

Finally, you encounter a mix of mercenaries and skeletons in a potential three way battle. Skeletons aren't too bad and are actually appropriate, there's potential for getting the disgruntled mercenaries on your side.

For the boss... It's THE worst thing you can throw at party. A Sorceress that can spam Color Spray. If you are a level two party, get ready for a total party wipe in one good hit. For example, despite all the psychic strikes, dazes, and everything else she saved against, that would have turned the order just enough to get her hurt ONE MORE HP to her "surrender" point... She manage one more color spray (which she can do SEVEN TIMES) and knocks the rest of the party out. By all means a TPK. Only by the grace the DM and PFS rules, the party lived... In shame.

Victory conditions are ALL OR NONE. Never mind keeping the vault intact, keeping a good number of mercenaries alive... (including the leader of the group), preventing damage to the documents of interesting, and keeping the bad lady from getting anything of value... ... ... She got away! YOU FAIL EVERYTHING! Primary condition FAIL! Secondary condition? See first. FAIL! Awfully designed and terrible written condition states possible for this scenario. The layout and signature of a very uninspired, novice writer, without an understanding for logical functions of the world.

This is an extremely common theme throughout this scenario... All your hard work and effort being undone by a SINGLE failed roll. Happen to me. Had decent fun until the fighting the boss. All that work undone by a Color Spray with a DC 15 save, which is VERY hard to save against as level two players. And to frustrating end. Completely failure by the rule of the scenario despite all other efforts.

So... Avoid at all costs. Not worth the money. Avoid anything done by this author to be on the safe side, too. This scenario somehow devalues the intangible bits that represent the PDF's data. Would give a 0 stars rating if possible. There is so much that is better out there that this should fade away into history and never be heard from again.