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| HP: 15/15 | AC:16 (T:10, FF:15) | CMB: +2, CMD: 12 | F: +4, R: +0, W: +7 | Init: +4 | Perc: +9 |


Speed 30ft | Spells: 0:4 1:2+1 | Active conditions: N/A


Male Middle-aged Human Cleric (Sarenrae) 1

About Brother Tornell Alderwyn

Brother Tornell Alderwyn
NG Male Human Cleric (Sarenrae) 2
Init +4; Perception +9
STR: 12 (+1)
DEX: 10 (0)
CON: 13 (+1)
INT: 14 (+2)
WIS: 17 (+3)
CHA: 14 (+2)

AC 10, touch 10, flat-footed 10
HP: 15 (1d8+1)
Fort: 3B+1S = +4
Ref: 0B+0S = +0
Will: 3B+3S+1Tr = +7

Speed 30 ft
Melee: Morningstar +2, 1d8+1
Ranged: Light Crossbow +1, 1d8

Base Atk +1; CMB +2; CMD 12

Heavy Armour Proficiency
Improved Initiative

Seeker: +1 Trait to Perception, Perception is a class skill
The Pessimist: +1 Will saves
Free action 1/day, make an ally within 30 ft. reroll a saving throw. Take the better of the two.

Skills: 2+2+1
Diplomacy (Cha): 2R+2S+3C = +7
Heal (Wis): 2R+3S+3C = +8
Perception (Wis): 2R+3S+3C+1Tr = +9
Sense Motive (Wis): 2R+3S+3C = +8
Knowledge (Religion): 2R+2S+3C = +7

Background Skills:
Knowledge (History): 2R+2S+3C = +7
Knowledge (Nobility): 1R+2S+3C = +6
Linguistics (Int): 1R+2S+3C = +6

Common, Celestial, Necril,

Weapon and Armour Proficiencies:
All simple weapons. Scimitar. (Deity) All armour. Shields (Except Tower shields)

Special Abilities

Aura: Radiate a Good Aura

Channel Energy: Hurt undead or heal living creatures within a 30 ft. radius burst centered on caster.
3+Cha. mod/day. (5)
1d6 + 1d6 per 2 levels beyond 1st. (1d6)
Will save 10 + 1/2 cleric lvl. + Cha. Mod. (10+0+2) = DC 12

Rebuke Death (Sp): Standard Action. Touch a Dying (below 0 HP) living creature to heal 1d4+(1 per 2 Cleric Lvls) HP. 3+Wis. mod./day. (6)

Sun's Blessing (Su): When using Channel Energy to harm undead, add Cleric level to damage dealt. Undead do not add their channel resistence to their saves.

Domain Spells:
Lv.1: Cure Light Wounds, Endure Elements.


Spells per level
0th - 4
1st - 3+1

Tornell grew up as a local of Roslar's Coffer. Optimistic and devoted, he volunteered often with the local Sarenraean monastary, to the point that he was formally inducted into the church as an acolyte. While cheerful, personable, and optimistic, he tended to lack dedication and drive, believing that things would always work out, and to be content with what he had. Thus, he never rose far in the ranks of the church, though he never felt the need to do so.

When the Twisted Nail orcs razed the town, Tornell and many of the lower acolytes that survived fled to Vigil. Tornell's parents, and some of his other family, were likely killed in the attack. (Though not all bodies were recovered, Tornell had not heard from them, nor found them since.) This badly shook Tornell's optimism, though he focused his efforts on the church and healing those with wounds he could fix. He was assigned to friar duties, going among the town and providing aid where he could. This would only shake Tornell's worldview more, as while Vigil was hardly a seething cesspool, he still bore witness to the festering underside of civilization, and those who would take advantage of others for no reason other than their own selfish gain.

Tornell never requested transfer back to Roslar's Coffer, and kept to his duties. Lacking ambition, now crushed by cynicism, he didn't advance much as a person nor as a priest of Sarenrae. He did learn to be distrusting of people, to quickly move, and to always keep his eyes open working among the poor. Some say Tornell seemed to age twenty years during the ten he was at Vigil.

Whether due to simple bureaucracy, or a belief that he should go home in hopes of a spiritual reawakening, Tornell was assigned to return to Roslar's Coffer to inspect the damage to the only recently cleaned out Temple. Having been gone for ten years, Tornell feels little connection to his birthplace, but still does his duties. Somebody has to, after all.

Description & Personality
The years have not been kind to Tornell. Though Tornell has not been kind to Tornell, either. He has a receding hairline, what hair he does have is starting to grey, he's usually unshaven, and overweight. Tornell would not look out of place drunk and passed out in a tavern. (And has, in fact, been there and done so fairly frequently.) He usually wears rough brown monk robes over his armour. (That he tends to wear at all times due to paranoia)

On the outside, Tornell is cynical, slightly paranoid, and pessimistic, beliving that things are worse than they seem and are unlikely to get better. Despite this, however, Tornell still believes it is his duty to help, heal, and forgive people, though now it is more out of grudging duty and a feeling that nobody else is going to do so. Still, there is a part of him that still clings to the hope that he can make the world a better place, and is perhaps the reason he's willing to keep trying.


Morningstar (8gp)
Dagger (2gp)

Light Crossbow (35)
20 bolts

Scale Mail (50)
Leather (10)
Buckler (5)
MW Small steel shield.

Cleric's Kit: (16)
Belt Pouch
Candles (x5)
Holy Text (Cheap)
Flint and Steel
Iron Pot
Mess kit
Rope (50 ft)
Spell component Pouch
Torches (x5)
Trail Rations (x5)
Holy Symbol (Wooden)

20 gp remain
Magical Items

------------------------ (Belt Slot)
------------------------ (Body Slot)
------------------------ (Chest Slot)
------------------------ (Eyes Slot)
------------------------ (Feet Slot)
------------------------ (Hands Slot)
------------------------ (Head Slot)
------------------------ (Headband Slot)
------------------------ (Neck Slot)
------------------------ (Shoulder Slot)
------------------------ (Wrist Slot)
------------------------ (Ring Slot 1)
------------------------ (Ring Slot 2)


Currently grabbed supplies:
Pewter mug
Hooded lantern
Oil flasks (x4)
Prayer bead (Bless 1/day)

Current Spells:
0: Create water, Guidance, Light, Stabilize,
1: Bless, Shield of Faith, Endure Elements