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Maps and Handouts

Since this scenario uses the PFS lvl 5 pregens, we'll need to work out who is playing what.

There are only 6 options: Alchemist, Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard. My suggestion is that everyone post their top three choices and we see where we are, and in the event of competing interests, we let the dice decide.

Maps and Handouts

Will get slides up soon - waiting to see if Paizo drops the scenario.

Maps and Handouts

Feel free to dot into Gameplay and we'll get started in a bit.

Maps and Handouts

Zarta Dralneen urgently requests the your assistance in the archives beneath Skyreach in Absalom. The vaults hum with nervous tension as researchers and guards hastily scribe warding circles and erect defensive constructs around a scorched circle of melted stone and smashed shelves. Nearby, a sphinx carefully directs the containment of several sparking crystals fallen from a smashed Osirion urn. Venture- Captain Ambrus Valsin keeps his eyes firmly focused on the scorched circle, while engaged in heated conversation with Zarta Dralneen. A handful of singed hairs mar her otherwise carefully composed appearance.

As you get closer, you can begin to hear the exchange between them. Valsin continues, “…a needless risk of agents and resources. Your countermeasures worked. Just accept that success and let’s be rid of the thing.”

Zarta gives an acknowledging smile to the new arrivals and lightly places a hand to direct Valsin’s attention. “We aren’t sure of another way to safely close the portal permanently. And here we have some of the Society’s best, eager to assist.” Valsin frowns, but Zarta quickly stymies further argument. “This is a risk but also an opportunity. Think of what censored history we might uncover from a pre-war Thrune. And if we fail, you’ll still have the pleasure of smashing the talisman. I have the experience and… this is something I need to do, Ambrus.”

Valsin gives an exasperated sigh, “If you don’t return and leave me to clean up this mess, trust that I will find you and give you a dressing down to remember.”

As Valsin stalks off, Zarta smirks as though about to make a cheeky response. She quickly refocuses, producing a dark iron talisman set with a ruby and inscribed with Infernal script.

“This, my friends, is a melancholic talisman, a device of diabolic manufacture that opens a portal to a specific point in Hell. It activated spontaneously yesterday, allowing a flight of imps access to Skyreach.” Zarta continues with pride. “The Dark Archive has prepared for such planar incursions after last year’s intrusions, and we quickly destroyed or captured the devils. With information gleaned from the imps, I carefully reopened the portal and ventured through. I found myself in the city of Dis in the Nine Hells. I learned through my contacts there of the talisman’s connection to Gellius Thrune, a scion of Cheliax’s ruling family from just after the Everwar about 300 years ago. Gellius sold his soul to a devil named Leventi. Another devil, the osyluth Vetrivides, noticed my investigation, as they too are investigating this Leventi for acting against the interests of Hell. If we can find proof of Leventi’s wrongdoing, Vetrivides will award us the soul of Gellius Thrune, who we can then question on how to permanently close the hellmouth. Vetrivides provided me with writs to act as their agent for the next 48 hours.”

She smiles impishly and concludes, “As you’ve no doubt heard your enemies shout, it’s time to go to Hell.” Zarta produces a bone scroll tube with two writs scribed in Infernal, detailing the Pathfinders’ right to legally move about the city of Dis as Vetrivides’ agents for 48 hours after arrival, providing one copy to you and keeping the other for herself.

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Chapter 1 is scheduled at local PFS night. Just wondering how long it is taking folks to complete Lost Star, as 4 hours seems insufficient, but would like to be proven wrong. Assume folks come with PCs or will use pregens, so no time spent on character creation.

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Any chance we can get a sense of which prestige classes from Paths of the Righteous are outright banned and which are being held in reserve for possible boons? I know at least one has come out as a boon. I’m keen to play a Stargazer, and hoping it may someday be available. I’m not asking for guarantees of what will be released, but rather “here are the ones that MAY someday be released” (or maybe easier to say “here are the definite bans”).

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I thought Assault on Absalom was the best special yet, probably because the faction related choices that allowed for different kinds of encounters beyond just combat after combat. That said, I’ve also really enjoyed some of the past years' pre-gen specials where we have a chance to take on unusual characters and perspectives (kobolds, Aspis Agents, elementals). I just wanted to express my hope that we haven’t seen the last of that style of special.

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Might be a silly question, but the revelation reads: "Once per day, you can move up to your speed as an immediate action." Now on the one hand, charge is in the name of the revelation, but the actual language of the revelation only says move. This is for a creature who may be fighting in an enclosed space, where charging isn't as practical.

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I'm planning to play #7-23 soon, and I've played both Siege of Serpents and Serpents Rise, so I know about the "abduction." I've also played The Blackros Connection, which if memory serves advanced the plot further, but also had an antagonist at the end who it seemed I was supposed to know who she was from a prior scenario, but I either didn't remember her or missed it somehow. So, I'm wondering if anyone can provide a "recap" of the narrative arc leading up to the mission in 7-23?

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I'm preparing to run this in a few days, and I'm worried about the fight with the oceanid. I'm imagining it taking place in the lagoon, with Jenesara drawing her there, with the PCs attacking from the beach. My concern is that with the DR/10 cold iron and the fast healing 10, and without a way to really effectivelu get at her if she remains swimming in the lagoon, my melee heavy group is going to have trouble. Anyone have advice or experience with this fight? I'm wondering about subbing in some other amphibious creature as a possible solution, so I'd welcome suggestions about that as well.

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I know there are several APs in line to get chronicles sheets, but I'm wondering if John might be able to shed light on plans for Feast of Dust. I ask in particular because, since it is a module for 11th lvl PCs, I might not advance one of my characters past 11 if it could be used as a retirement arc (since with EotT and Wardens, there are strict rules about being exactly at 33 xp). I'm wondering if there are plans for Feast of Dust to be an option for a retirement arc, and if so, would the PC start at 11th (30 xp)?

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I’ve been very pleased and impressed with the continued improvement of PFS play. When I think about the changes from when I started playing 3 years ago it’s striking. Some of my favorite things:
• Creative boons and treasure that make the chronicle sheets matter and provide a surprise; this goes double for the creative sanctioning of the new larger modules (Dragon’s Demand, Warden of the Reborn Forge as a retirement arc, etc.).
• The shift to narrative arcs for factions over the “every faction has a secret mission in every scenario” approach (I know not all agree). The forthcoming faction cards sound great, too.
• GM rewards like the boon sheet based on # of GM stars.
• Inclusion of full stat blocks and removing an encounter from high tier play (just only coming online, but I’m happy to call it a success already, having played Of Kirin and Kraken).

According to recent reports from Mike and John, even more is on the way, which is exciting, and I’d like to add to the discussion of the future of PFS.

There have been several threads about the need for more 1-5 scenarios vs. more mid-tier vs. seeker play (to generalize broadly). I have two concerns: lack of mid-tier options and Seeker play. When I look at what scenarios I can play, the numbers break down like this:
1-5: 25
1-7: 6
3-7: 8
5-9: 14
7-11: 26
So, as you can see, I have plenty of ways to start new PCs, and I have just as many 7-11s, but I lack mid-tier options to advance even a portion of my PCs. The simple request is more mid-tier, but I’m curious if I’m unusual, or if others are in the same spot.

Since I don’t need more 7-11 at the moment, you might think I just want to see fewer at that tier and more at 3-7 and 5-9. Maybe, but what I want more than anything, and here is the thing I care most about, would be if each season there was a Seeker level scenario for my 13.2 Inquisitor who has completed Eyes of the Ten. Please note, I’m just asking for *1* scenario that I could play at a standard PFS game night at my FLGS. I don’t need a whole new seeker arc akin to EotT, and it seems most discussion of Seeker stuff assumes a multi-part arc. While that would be nice, just as good for me would be a single scenario, where once a year I could play an old favorite PC. Does this appeal to anyone else?

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Just wondering if we can get a ballpark from John on when we'll see the Jormurdun (sp?) scenario(s). I have a PC sitting at 9.2 who ran the lead-up trilogy last summer, and I'd like to continue the story with him. I don't need exact months, but "late summer" vs. "spring" might change what I choose to play between now and then.

The level tier would be even more helpful, since if it isn't going to be 7-11, then I won't worry about it and will keep playing this PC.

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I’m about to start playing in a RotRL campaign with an Elven Wizard, Void school specialist. I’ll probably be taking a few feats to boost my blasting (Spell Focus:Evo & Varisian Tattoo: Evo). That said, I want to remain versatile, and I’m debating whether or not to also take the Spellbinder archetype or just stick with arcane bond on a ring (we’re a group of 6 and we’ve decided that no one is going to take ACs or familiars or focus on summoning to keep things moving). I also plan on taking Fast Study at 5th and leaving a few slots open across the levels for on the spot fixes outside of combat.

I really like the idea of being able to cast ANY spell just when it’s needed, so I’m leaning arcane bond, but I’ve seen quite a bit of praise for Spellbinder. Having never played a wizard before, I’m curious to hear how people make use of Spellbinder. Do you convert spells in combat, or during downtime as needed?

Any thoughts on the choice and why you’d go one way or the other would be appreciated!

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I have a question about the spells that appear as available for “All” on the elemental specialist lists (pp. 194-196 of APG).

First, the simpler question: If I am a Fire specialist, I clearly can use any of the spells noted as being for all elemental specialists (e.g., Resist Energy or Summon Monster or Elemental Body), but am I prohibited from a version tied to my opposition school? So, I could not summon a water elemental if a fire specialist, or get protection from cold? That would make sense to me, but I don’t see that in the text.

Second, and if the above is true, what happens if I am a Void specialist (from Dragon Empires Primer)? Do those “All” spells act as opposition spells, or only if using a version tied to my specific opposition element? For example, if water is my opposition, would the same restrictions as the Fire Elementalist above apply, or is any version of those spells oppositional? Hope that makes sense.

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What non-evil deity would an alchemist gravitate towards? Irori? Nethys? Torag?

I'm building a Tiefling Alchemist for PFS, and working on the backstory for him. I've looked through ISWG deity descriptions, am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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It turns out I won't be able to GM an upcoming session of Seven Days to the Grave. One of my players has offered to sub in and GM a scenario as a sort of side-quest. Not overly worried about continuity, but would like something that could take place in Korvosa, with minimal work on his part. Looking for something in the 3-7 lvl tier. Any suggestions?

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Building a Hexcrafter Magus for PFS. One element of the hexcrafter is the following:
"A hexcrafter magus adds the following spells to his magus spell list: bestow curse, major curse, and all other spells of 6th level or lower that have the curse descriptor."

My questions is, when do those become available. At level 1, or at level 4 when the hexcrafter archetype "kicks in"? I ask because of the Brand cantrip (which is a curse), which seems like a less cheesy Arcane Mark, since it actually does do damage. Would like to take it at level 1. Legal?

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Mechanical Question:
I’m thinking of taking the Scaled Skin alternate Tiefling Racial Trait (only 1 resistance but get +1 natural armor). I’m wondering about if that Natural Armor will stack with later magic items like Amulet of Natural Armor +x.

Walter’s guide to the magus, in talking about amulets of NA, mentions: “Your natural armor bonus to AC does not stack with other enhancement bonuses to natural armor, but does stack with raw natural armor, does not apply to touch AC.”
Can someone cite where Walter’s Guide is correct, and natural armor stacks with magical natural armor? Or is that just wrong? I can’t see to find anything that says so explicitly.

Story Question:
I don’t have great knowledge of Golarion lore. Looking for backstory for this tiefling magus. Taking Quantium University Graduate trait (ISP), so that’s where he got his magical training (and makes sense since Quantium is described as very cosmopolitan, accepting all kinds). So, I need a place where he received martial training, one that ideally could connect to one of the factions. Since he’ll be a dervish, Qadira is obvious choice, but that one doesn’t speak to me. Other ideas? I was leaning towards Osirion, Cheliax, Shadow Lodge, or Sczarni .

Thanks for any assistance.

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Playing with creating a Tiefling Magus, and was wondering if I took the prehensile tail alternate racial trait if it could be used to activate a metamagic rod? If not, what about if I took the additional "Grasping Tail" feat? I guess I don't fully understand how a metamagic rod gets "used" when casting the spell. Does it just need to be held, or waved around in a particular way, in which case the tail isn't up to the task? Perhaps my search-fu is weak, but I could only find discussion of Tiefling tails and not being able to use them to wield weapons.

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Going to take the PFS plunge and looking for some advice/comments. In particular, on starting feats, feat progression plan, skills, and spell choice. The current thread on value of toughness has led me no closer to an answer on toughness vs. dodge.

Neutral Good Half-Orc Inquisitor of Cayden Cailean
Exploration Subdomain (+10 base speed; Door Sight; dimension door @ 8th level)
Str: 18 [16+2], Con: 12, Dex: 14, Wis: 14, Int: 12, Charisma: 7
Base Speed = 40 ft (w/ +10 from Travel Domain); with Medium Armor = 30 ft.
HP = 10 (8 + favored class + 1 con bonus)

PFS Campaign Trait: Grand Lodge, Loyalty = +1 saving throw vs. enchantment spells and spell-like abilities
Combat Trait: Reactionary (+2 to initiative)

Skills: Intimidate, Perception, Sense Motive, Stealth, Knowledge (arcane), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (planes)
[Future: knowledge (religion, dungeoneering), survival]

Feat Progression:
1st: Improved Initiative or Dodge or Toughness
3rd: Power Attack
5: Intimidating Prowess or Dodge
7: Cornugon Smash or Mobility
9: Combat Reflexes
11: Improved Crit
Other options: Step Up, Dazzling Display

Teamwork Feats:
3: Precise Strike
6: Outflank
9: Paired Opportunist? Escape Route?
12: Seize the moment
Other options: Shake it Off; Coordinated Charge

Spells Known:
Orisons: Create Water, Detect Magic, Guidance, Read Magic
1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil

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Looking for some advice: starting a new (and first PF) campaign with friends who haven’t played together for almost 10 years (3rd ed. DnD). Debating between CotCT and Kingmaker. Personally, I love the idea of PCs running a kingdom (Anyone remember the Principalities of Glantri Gazeteer?), but more importantly, I’m wondering if the kingdom running aspects could be done via email between sessions (given families and such, we’ll be lucky to play for an evening everything month or so). I like the idea of that functioning as an ongoing thread between the sessions, but it’s not clear to me if it would work well.

Otherwise, Curse sounds good and has gotten high praise on the boards, so was thinking of that since I saw people mention it uses fast track xp, which also might be nice given the long lapses between sessions. Any thoughts would be appreciated.