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Peril Emerging from Lightless Depths


This is a fine miniature that works great as a shadow miniature. It has a dynamic pose contributing to a great sculpt, something that is hard to manage in pre-painted plastic. It maintains good board presence whenever it's on the mat. I agree with the other reviewer that the paint wash could have been lighter to allow for the transparent effect to matter more. As it is, you can't tell this is transparent plastic at all unless the room illumination is bright. You basically have to be holding it up to the light to notice it, which is a shame. One of the biggest advantages pre-painted plastic has over traditional miniatures is the clear effects and that's totally wasted here. Still, the pose makes this mini a winner in my book.

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Meddle with my Metal: Plastics are Getting Better!


I've had numerous complaints about pre-painted plastics over the years which have so far prevented me from buying unopened boosters. While Shattered Star still hasn't met the requirements for me to consider buying them blind, it's certainly heading in the right direction.

I purchased a set of air and water elementals, a few trolls, an alchemical golem and a glass golem. Judging by the quality of these, I can say that Shattered Star may contain some of the best sculpts I've seen on plastic minis yet. Though many are condemning hard plastic as the cause of breakage, I’ll be firmly embracing it if it means sculpts like these will be common place in future sets. Fixing a broken leg is possible with a bit of glue and a pin if necessary (though the small legs of the alchemical golem that arrived broken will prove frustrating to reattach). Fixing a sculpt that lost all of its detail to soft plastic is impossible.

As a GM, I want impressive monster miniatures to enhance my game, and have little/no desire for NPC miniatures, which tend to lose a good deal in the mass production process. This is my principle reason for not wanting to buy boosters. While it looks like this still holds mostly true for the humanoid minis in the set, some of the Shattered Star monster minis present the first cases where the extra expense and effort involved with a metal mini would not necessarily result in a significantly better miniature. I find the troll champions to be particularly well done, with clear definition in all of the details, use of a gloss on the tongue to make it look wet, and a presence on the base that is sure to make for a striking reveal when placed alongside the PCs miniatures.

The clear plastics present in the elementals and golems are a “clear” reason to purchase them over metal paint-it-yourself variants. The effect is incredible, especially in the alchemical golem, even if its overall size was a little underwhelming in person. Side by side, the large air elemental and the large water elemental appear a little too similar in color, with the air elemental being tinted a little too blue, and the water elemental being highlighted with a little too much white. I’d imagine that individual runs of these will have some variation though, so the colorization issue wouldn't affect my decision to buy. All in all, these are minor complaints in the face of an overall firmly positive impression.