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The Icebound Outpost

Deep within the Archives of Absalom's Grand Lodge there is a particularly well warded room where the Society stores one of its greatest treasures, the Hao Jin Tapestry. Rumors abound among the younger Pathfinders at the Lodge about what powers this strange artifact has, with the most far fetched rumor being the most common, that the Tapestry is a portal to vast worlds. What you do know is that your being asked to summoned to the room where the Tapestry being held can be taken as a sign that your reputation within the Pathfinder Society is rising and that the leadership are starting to see you as an agent that can be trusted to get things done.

A five-by-seven-foot tapestry hangs on the wall, surrounded by a series of platforms and ladders to allow a close view of any spot upon it. The room is otherwise empty, save for the Pathfinder Society’s Master of Spells, Aram Zey, who paces impatiently before the Hao Jin Tapestry, glancing up as the door creaks open.

“Thank you for your quick arrival, Pathfinders,” Zey says curtly, speaking without making eye contact, as though his mind is moving faster than his mouth. As he continues his focused pacing, he gestures toward the tapestry.

“As I’m sure you know, we recently came into possession of this wonder behind me—the Hao Jin Tapestry—by winning the Ruby Phoenix Tournament in distant Goka. Within this piece of fabric lies an entire world in which one of Golarion’s greatest magicians placed treasures and mysteries beyond imagining. And it was supposed to be ours alone. This promise of exclusive access was made a lie, however, when the Aspis Consortium found a way into Hao Jin’s astral vault that bypassed the tapestry altogether, and Aspis agents are now busy stealing whatever they can move, hoping we will act too slowly to protect our winnings. Fortunately, a recent mission into the tapestry managed to uncover a clue about a possible Aspis base within the tapestry. That is your destination.

“The camp, interestingly, is within a great stone temple complex uprooted from the Vudran jungle many centuries ago by the sorceress herself. Since her disappearance, that part of the tapestry has been encased in a massive glacier. This temple—dedicated to a Vudran monkey-god, we believe—could prove enlightening on its own, notwithstanding the Aspis presence there. It’s a grim thought imagining what the Consortium has done to the place, but apparently more than three-quarters of it is still protected by the glacier, so we can still salvage a great deal.

“Vanaras—the simian humanoids responsible for constructing this temple—are great builders, and this temple is representative of the huge complexes that once graced the Vimada Forest before their wars with men and the rise of Khiben-Sald. It’s a representation of the cosmos, really, a series of nested squares with symbolic shrine-mountains all directed toward great Bahmenu, the mountain birthplace of the god Ragdya and, the vanaras believe, the center of the universe. This symmetry may serve you well, since it will help you predict the layout and functions of the temple as you make your way around it. Every corner of the temple will be fitted with a small shrine, all facing the symbolic mountain.

“Even an abandoned temple is a holy place to the vanaras, as it is to most of us Vudrani as well, and we hope you respect that fact. If you can save the sanctuary from the insolence of the gods-damned Aspis, it may draw the mirthful and enlightened eye of Ragdya himself upon our Society.”

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Was just wondering if anyone had an opinion about how weapon fusions would interact with this item.

Basically, I'm wondering if 1) you can put weapon fusions on shadow staves and 2) If you can put fusions on this item, would a single fusion interact with both "halves" of the weapon.

Personally, I don't know if there is a "right" answer to this question, but I'm curious because I have a character who is going to use one as his main weapon. And it does seem like this item is an odd duck, rule wise.

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The Icebound Outpost

Feel free to post any out of character discussion here!

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Hello, and welcome to my game. How appropriate that you have chosen to play the Icebound Outpost, during a PbP convention called Outpost.

To start with, please provide my with some basic information:

Player Name:
Character Name:
Current XP:
Previous Chronicle number:
Day Job, if you have it:

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The Icebound Outpost

The Lorespire Complex bustles with activity as usual, with a constant stream of cabs, delivery drones, and frantic looking Starfinder recruits buzzing in and out of the giant building. You have an appointment to meet with Venture Captain Arvin in his office; but the directions were to rendezvous at a popular little tea shop, "Babbles and Bubbles," if you happened to arrive early. A teenaged Shirren in a blue apron and visor directs you to a round, dark wooden table with five chairs that have been reserved for you.

"The Starfinder lady said ya' can order any drinks you want while you're waiting. It's on the company account," she lets you know telepathically.

It looks like Arvin has given you a nice little opportunity to introduce yourselves and maybe build up a little rapport before the mission briefing.

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Welcome to the recruitment thread for Dreaming of the Future. This is a Starfinder Society Scenario and I am open to selecting anyone. For the most part I plan on just taking people on a first come, first serve basis but I reserve the right to grant priority to players if I feel like it would lead to a more enjoyable role playing experience.

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The Icebound Outpost

Hello everybody! This is the discussion thread. Please feel free to use this thread for any out of character discussions, strategizing star ship combat roles, or anything else.

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I noticed on page 21 of the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide that you are allowed to play a character that is naturally blind or deaf. The only "advantage" of doing this is that your character is automatically proficient in either the tactile or signed versions of any language they know.

Anyways, I haven't been able to stop thinking about this and I am really interested in playing a character that is naturally blind. In particular I'm thinking of making a Mystic with the empath connection. Partially because the disadvantage of being blind is partially mitagated by the blindsense(emotion) they eventually get, but mostly because a mystical blind swordsman just sounds cool to me. Anyways, I'm just wondering if anyone has actually taken the option of having a character with a natural disability in Starfinder.

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I had an idea for a three armed combat drone designed to look like a xorn and was wondering if it could use a starknife in one of its arms. Ideally I would like for it to able to use the starknife in both melee and as a throwing weapon.

I have included the text for both entries. I noticed that they both say that the weapon can not be disarmed and that it takes an hour to swap out a weapon; which implies that it is fixed to the arm. Technically, it doesn't say that a weapon can't be thrown though. I'm kind of curious if anyone else has an opinion on this. I included the relevant drone mod entries below.

Melee Weapon Arm:
Your drone is equipped with a robotic arm to which you can
affix a one-handed melee weapon, allowing your drone to
wield that weapon and attack with it. This weapon cannot
be disarmed. Wielding a two-handed melee weapon requires
two melee weapon arms. If you do not already have a weapon
to equip, you must purchase it separately. Swapping out a
weapon in a melee weapon arm requires use of your custom
rig and 1 hour of work. You can select this mod multiple
times, each time adding an additional melee weapon arm to
the drone.

Weapon Mount:
You can affix a small arm or another one-handed ranged
weapon on your drone, allowing it to wield that weapon and
attack with it. This weapon cannot be disarmed. Mounting
a longarm, a heavy weapon, or another two-handed ranged
weapon requires two weapon mounts. A weapon mount can
hold up to two batteries, two magazines, or two of another
type of ammunition for the affixed weapon, provided this
ammunition is of light bulk or less. Multiple weapon mounts
used to affix a single two-handed weapon count as a single
weapon mount for the purpose of how much ammunition it
can hold. The drone reloads these batteries or magazines
automatically, which takes the usual amount of time for the
weapon. Spent batteries or magazines are stored within the
drone. You can replace all of a weapon mount’s batteries or
magazines as a move action. You must purchase separately
or already have the weapon and ammunition for use with a
weapon mount. You can replace the weapon with any other
weapon that meets the criteria for your mount (for example,
if you have two weapon mounts, you could replace a longarm
with a heavy weapon). Swapping out a weapon in a weapon
mount requires use of your custom rig and 1 hour of work.
You can select this mod multiple times, each time adding an
additional weapon mount to the drone.

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So I am playing an Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier for PFS, and I am dipping one level of rogue(thug) for the enhancement to my demoralization ability...I am a human, with an 8 Int, so I get 4 skill points normally, which I've been putting into Diplomacy, Intimidate, Ride, and Handle Animal.

My question is...I'm only planning on doing the one level of rogue, and I've got 4 extra skill points to work with, but rogue opens up almost everything as a class skill for me (except for most knowledges). What would people recommend as good skills to put just one point only in? Perception is a gimme...but are there any other skills that are worth having with just the 1 rank plus class bonus?