Garuda-Blooded Aasimar

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We've lost that "Special" feeling


This review is from the perspective of a player at GenCon.

I will admit it may have been our GM, but this scenario fell short of expectations. As far as a followup to last year's "Serpents Rise" it failed to live up to the positive feelings of getting to be "the bad guys" for once. It had more of the feel of a standard pathfinder mission and is not worthy of being called a "Special."

Sorry John, but not one of your better works.

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Meh with a side of Ugh


Now a couple of weeks removed from having run this scenario, I've had some time to reflect upon the experience and gather my thoughts. This scenario does not live up to the high standards that previous Blakros scenarios have set.

Without getting into plot spoiling details, I will say that this scenario tries too hard to incorporate alternate/new rules from the latest new/shiny hard cover release (Occult Adventures), though I shouldn't ride it too hard as use of this new book seems to have been pushed hard for early season 7 scenarios.

I would liken this scenarios failures along the same lines as the use of Mythic rules in Destiny of the Sands (#5-16) or perhaps the Mass Combat Rules in Assault on the Wound (#5-24).

Bringing in a completely new rules set into an organized play setting, where there is a hard time limit (five hour slots, or less, for conventions) and expecting a GM to "teach" new rules to players that they will likely never use again, is a waste of everyone's time.

The scenario is clunky and unnecessarily full of rules bloat. Couple that with a rush job through editing (the plague of spelling and grammatical errors continue in PFS scenarios) and you have players that are board with nearly pointless skill checks (many of which are trained only).

I would not recommend playing or running this scenario.