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Shaudius wrote:

This is directly from Tonya, "The only items covered by the NDA are Paizo business operations, as sometimes venture-officers have knowledge of upcoming activities and products before their information is released to the general public. At no time have I meant to imply that venture-officers may not speak their minds; barring extraordinary circumstances like systemic or egregious breaking of community guidelines, we do not take action against those who do so. There are many posts on the boards where officers speak their minds and we have left them for public consumption. This thread received the moderation it did because I was out of town working UK Games Expo and unable to comment on the situation. We do not talk about disciplinary actions or investigations to protect the privacy of those involved and the sensitive nature of the investigations, not because it is against the NDA." (emphasis mine.)

I'm really not trying to make every thread about the NDA, but Tonya has made very clear what the NDA you are under does and not cover.

Beyond that, the amount of secrecy people think is warranted around Paizo organized play is frankly appalling, the adage, the cover-up is worse than the crime seems pretty appropriate regarding all of this. I mean seriously, what is everyone so afraid of.

I understand taking things seriously, but the amount of volunteers I see clam up when certain topics that are clearly not Paizo business related come up you'd think you were all under some sort of gag order.

What Tonya failed to mention (assuming just an oversight) is that what is discussed on the non public forums, is also covered under the NDA, unless specifically called out by the OPC as something that we (VOs) are allowed to share with the public. I believe much of the "we cannot share details, because of the NDA" is because of where much of the information that many of the VOs have, originated (i.e. non public forums).

I do agree with what you said, the coverup tends to be worse than the actual act and the longer this festers, the worse the public perception becomes. However, it is highly unlikely that continuing to bring it up will change Paizo's position. The most likely outcome is having this thread be locked by the moderators and/or posts/threads be deleted (it has already happened and the forum moderators have given no indication that they won't continue to do so).

In closing, while I empathize with your position, you are fighting a hopeless battle. I could be wrong (I genuinely hope that I am), but I don't see it being very likely that you will get the result you are seeking.

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The short answer to your question, is no, Strength of the Sun does not apply to Day Job checks.

Strength of the Sun is only active during day light hours, therefore it is conditional, which in order for a "permanent" bonus to apply to Day Job checks, it must always be active. Because of the unquantified time between scenarios, when you actually make your roll could be several hours to any point during any number of days (or time of day) or weeks after your character finishes the current adventure.

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Curaigh wrote:
Selvaxri wrote:

Why not expand the rebuild buffer to lvl 3?

Several reasons. At first level a PC has 150-1500 gp to r500mess around with. That covers armor, some consumable magic and other basics. At third level (even assuming a nerf to gp) that number is 4500. Magic armor of a special material becomes the norm for a newbie.

Similarly, 6 prestige points are waay less flexible than 18. (Why get a wand of CLW when resurrect is available?).

WBL assumes a certain amount of consumables. The longer a character avoids this 10/15/25%(?) cost the more it throws off this already delicate table.

There is an existing mechanic for rebuilds. Ignoring it punishes those who have bought the resource & expended the PP already. While this is true of Level 1, consider the existing rebuild a gift from the campaign coordinators (like it was when it first came available :)

Cherry-picking classes is easier to deal with if you don't have to 'suffer' through 6 hp & bad Saves to get ability X. Same with feats like Combat Expertise.

If one doesn't want to play one's character for three whole levels, it shouldn't matter if that level is 2 or 4 or 7. Existing buffer is 1/12 of a general PC's career. The proposal is 1/4 of it.

GMs blobs get these 'rewards' to encourage GMing.

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
I'll go on record as opposed to most everything Harold said.
I'll go on record as agreed with most everything TOZ opposed.

While I agree with your sentiment, I feel the need to correct your math, as it is misrepresenting the disparity between level 2 and a potential level 3 rebuild.

First, best case scenario for a just level three character is 12 prestige points. If the character had 18, as you assert, that character would likely have at least 9 XP and be at least level 4

Second, the rewards per XP for level 1 and level 2 characters comes out to about 500 GP per XP, so a character with 6 XP (just level 3), would put total gold at ~3200 to 3300 GP (including the 150 GP each character starts with and maybe a Day Job check).

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Kitsune has been a player legal PFS race for two seasons, and yet there still is not a prepainted Pathfinder Miniature.

For that matter, what about Wayang, Tengu, and Nagaji? It seems kinda silly, that with literally thousands of Kitsune, Wayang, and Nagaji characters working for the Pathfinder Society all over Golarion, that they are not represented anywhere in the official Pathfinder miniature line.

Does anyone else think that Paizo could sell thousands, if they were available?

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For those who went to Midwinter 2015 in Milwaukee will remember the quote of the Con, from a certain little goblin.

"I don't want to be a Pathfinder!"

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Michael Brock wrote:
Has anyone out there played or GMed these at a participating store? If so, do you have any feedback or comments? We really would like to make this program special and improve upon it, but can only do so with the community's help. Thanks in advance.

We've run a total of three tables over the past two Sunday's, with a mixture of experienced and newer players. The feedback I've gotten from players has been quite positive. All three of our tables have run a little long, between 70 and 75 minutes.

As a GM, I've found that not having the starting location of the enemies indicated on the map slowed things down. Even after reading through a couple of times, I had difficulty determining where to place all of the enemies. Other than that, it was as good as could be expected.

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Finlanderboy wrote:
GM Lamplighter wrote:

I have a hard time believing that this is an actual issue that needs a solution, though. Has anyone actually seen it happen? A whole party who is so detached from the story that they want to play farmers or zookeepers instead of adventurers?

Yes, twice in a month and it is getting worse because they are teaching others. If you want to particpate in combat get a cat like mine or you will sit and watch. Because it is a large creature and takes up all the room

even 1 person at level 1 bringing in a large cat wrecks the game completely. Heck even at mid levels.

Would you have fun with a player that everyone of his characters has a large cat? Should i leave the table every time he sits down knowign i will have to wacth his cat do the combat?

I have to agree with you completely. The first time it happened, it was novel. Now, he does it with every character. I've had to experience this from both sides of the GMs screen and have had more than one player express to me that this is getting old. The problem is a player blatantly exploiting a loop hole in the rules. I don't believe for one minute that the intention was for classes that don't have animal companions to have animal companions.

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Matthew Pittard wrote:
While its frustrating, its hardly game breaking.. as the Chronicle sheet is the most important thing for people. The reporting online comes a distant second. Please take the time you need to fix this issue properly.

While it is true that the physical chronicle sheets are most important for the players, the GMs rely upon the online reporting to get credit.

Time is of the essence. The longer this goes on, the larger the backlog will grow for unreported/under reported tables. As has been stated in the guide, "reporting is very important to the
success of Pathfinder Society Organized Play!"