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Hello all,

We just released the first volume in a new series by Dean Siemsen, called Libris Monstrous. With each volume we are bringing you a new outsider, dragon, humanoid, fey, vermin, ooze, aberration, construct, magical beast, giant, animal, monstrous humanoid, plant and undead!

Within the first volume, you'll find 15 new monsters from the raging Baphomian demon, to the carnelian dragon and the dangerous rust vine creeper.

It is available from RPGNow, here, and I'll let you know when it becomes available at the Paizo webstore.

- Axel

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These are 'mostly' dungeons in the ordinary sense, but sometimes they will bend the concept a little :)

The first one, however, is a classic three-room dungeon at the bottom of a well, the vault of an ancient mage called Alantes, completely with mysteries to unlock doors, traps to guard treasure and even a couple of monsters, one being the Guardian of the Vault.

Others will include an ancient dwarven distillery, an infamous toymaker's tomb and even a living dungeon of sorts.

They will range from 6-8 pages, present a new monster and a new magical item, oh and only cost $0.99!

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I just want to thank everyone who has written a review the last couple of days, I've really enjoyed reading them and has already decided to buy a few products based on recent reviews!

- Axel

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Ok, I haven't read everything thats been said in this thread, but I do have a thought or two to share about a "Year's best..." from 3PPs.

1) We, the 3PPs out there, should defintely make this ourselves, with the help from the customers. A collaborative effort, where the customers help us decide what the "Year's best" actually is. Of course, a group of editors would make the final decision.

I (Headless Hydra Games) for one, would love to offer my art director services to such a project, perhaps even to do the layout of the final book.

2) This could be a way to give something back. So instead of splitting up the loot between us, we should donate the loot to someone who really needs it. It would/should be enough for the 3PPs to get a bit of publicity.

I offered my art director services, and I would (of course) pay for the illustrations of my own pocket.

If 5-10 3PPs stuck their heads together, this could easily be done. So if anyone is interested, feel free to contact the Hydra! (

- Axel

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Hey guys,

I want to wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year and what better way to do this than with a new and FREE adventure!

The adventure, Death in the Spindlewood Marsh, is set around Mor Aldenn, City of Mages, but really, with a little imagination, you can use this Pathfinder adventure in any setting of your own choosing.

The adventure is 11 pages long, with a couple of illustrations by Mike burns and, of course, written by Stefen Styrsky! Oh, and in this adventure, you get to fight what, you say?

The Headless Hydra, of course!

So far the adventure, Death in the Spindlewood Marsh, is available from here, but I'll start uploading it to Paizo ASAP!

I hope you enjoy it and want to spread the word!

- Axel

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Absolutely, I just uploaded a new cover to RPGNow and hopefully this one will be approved.

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Hmm, I am rather offended that you think that things that doesn't cost a lot is practically worthless. Products from Headless Hydra Games (my company) are fairly cheap, but certainly not because I think they are worthless!

My products have low prices because I'd rather have people buy my stuff than earn a lot of cash! Our products are cheap, but can definitely stand besides the best products on the market.

I am offended by your assumptions that cheap products are cheap because they are poorly made and because gamers could just as easily make them themselves.

- Axel

(I know of other companies who sell their products fairly cheap, yet whose standard is very high - I have also bought plenty of expensive products that did not match that high standard)