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Looks Great. Very Impressed.


I am taking a group through the RotR campaign right now, and I wish I had this book earlier, as we are already almost through the initial first book (burnt offerings) and it is already better in it's updated version from my read-throughs.

I would love to give it a five, but the only problem I have with it is that I am taking an online group (PbP) though the campaign, and I simply can't afford another $41 for the PDF version, and as such all the maps and updated concept art don't do much for my group.

I would happily give it 5 stars if I could have access to the PDFs, at least the encounters, that way I don't need to scan in and manipulate the hundreds of possible encounter sites. But as such I feel a little cheated, thinking that the PDF would be the usual ten-spot. I feel like $60 is a little pricey to not be exactly what I need, but I'd happily do $75 or so to have access to both.

Very good, but not exactly what I need. I need a combo/pack.

Thanks for another good product Paizo. You deserve all the wonderful things coming your way :)