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Full Name

Brashen Trell




Fighter / 3




6' 3"




Diamond Lake



Strength 20
Dexterity 15
Constitution 16
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 11
Charisma 13

About Brashen Trell



Brashen, or Brash as he is often called, began his life in Diamond Lake in fairly good stead, with a roof over his head, warm clothes and regular meals. Things soon turned sour for Brash when aged 9, his father, a miner, was injured in a cave in and was left crippled and unable to work. His mother, working as a maid for a richer family, brought in little money and times soon turned hard. The financial burden was exasebated by his fathers mood swings, from raging anger to broken despair and heavy drinking.
As Brash entered adolescence, having a hard time dealing with his home life, he began to hang out more and more with the other local youth, and he made a name for himself as one of the tougher kids, often leading in the taunting and sometimes even the physical abuse of others.
With the financial future of his family now critical as the last of the valuables were sold off, Brash, using his wits and emerging brawn, took to the streets to earn some coin anyway he could, sometimes honest work as a messanger boy or something similar, but also snatching the odd coin purse, or food product, and even rolling the occasional drunk or careless citizen.
As he grew in size and muscle he took more to the physical side of his work, even taking to the roads around Diamond Lake to waylay travellers, using bluff and where neccessary brawn to earn a living for himself and his parents.
As the years went on, Brash began to distance himself from his former friends and bullying behaviour, seeing too much of what his father had become in himself, yet coin still had to be made, and so Brash continued to do so the only way he knew how.
Brashen grows weary of this life however, and has decided to seek his fortune as a sword for hire, or an adventurer, and see where his luck will take him.
Brash is a hard man who will do what is neccessary to ensure his own survival, and that of his family, but is not unneccessarily cruel or brutal.

Essential game stats:


HP: 35 (d10+3)
Current HP: 34
AC 21 touch: 20, flat footed: 19 (Chain mail+1=+7, Shield +2, Dex+ 2)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 20ft

Fort 3+3=6
Reflex 1+2=3
Will 1 =1 (2vs fear)

BAB: +3
CMB 3+5=8
CMD 10+3+5+2=20
Grapple: +8

Current XP: 7160

Feats and Skills

Feats: Power Attack
Improved Unarmed Strike
weapon focus, battle axe.
Blind Fight
Class abilities: Bravery +1 will save vs fear
armour training +1 bonus to ac penalty
Skills: Bluff r+1=1
Climb a+5 cs+3 r+3 m-4 =7
Intimidate a+1 cs+3 r+2 m+5 =11
Acrobatics a+2 r+2 m-4 =0
Local Knowledge a+2 r+2 m+1 =4
Ride a+2 cs+3 r+2 =7
Perception a+1 r+2 =3
Swim a+5 cs+3 r+1 m-4 =5
r=rank a=abiltiy mod cs=class skill m=miscilanious

Weapons and Armour:

Battle Axe
AttB +9, DMG d8+5, Critical x3

Great Axe +1
AttB +10, DMG 1d12+6, Critical x3

AttB +8, DMG d8+5, Critical x2

Light Crossbow - 20 bolts
AttB +5 DMG 1d8 Critical 19-20x2

Dagger x2
AttB +8 DMG 1d4+5 Critical 19-20x2

Chain Mail+1
AC +7 Check penalty -3 spd 20ft

Shield, Heavy Wood
AC +2 Check Penalty -1

Other Equipment


Traverlers outfit
Winter Blanker
Flint and steel
belt pouch
Rations, 3 days
Rope, hemp x2
Sack x2
Tourch x6
Waterskin x3
ring of feather fall
Cure light wounds
Acid x2
Alchamists fire x2
Lamp oil x5
Lantern, hooded

CP 0
SP 15
GP 340