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Male Halfling Rogue (Scout)/1
Haelynn Kita wrote:
"If there are no pressing matters for anyone, should we head out into the marsh today?

Grendel looks up slowly, speaking in a quiet but serious tone.

"One does not simply walk into the Brinestump Marsh. It's brown borders are guarded by more than just goblins. There is evil there that does not sleep. The Soggy River Monster is ever watchful. It is a stinking wasteland, riddled with dense tangles, snakes and giant vermin. The very air you breath is foul and thick with flies. Not with all the militia of Sandpoint could you do this. It is folly.

The halfling sits back in his chair having said his piece.

"Of course if you still decide to go, I will tag along. I actually hear the swamp can be quite nice this time of year." He says, a slight smile on his face.

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Male Human Fighter / 2

Adalwin slowly lowers his blade and shield, breathing hard, staring at the humanoid he just had a hand in killing. The Adrenaline of the fight seems to leave his body all at once and a wave of dizziness sweeps over the young fighter. Adalwin catches a whiff of the scent of blood and bowels that sends his stomach heaving. He stumbles forward a step and looses his breakfast all over Eljoy's boots.

"I've never ... I mean I've hunted but ... never actually..."

Adalwin trails off as he retches again.