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Okay, thanks guys! I think I was correct with what I was assuming, although I wasn't sure if she continued to accrue the XP and gold if she was above level 7. Better to be sure, since you know what they say about assuming things.

She was applying them to a level 3 character. She's a newer player who isn't really too concerned about her character or gold wealth, more playing because she knows someone else who is. But I still didn't want her to feel frustrated with missing anything.

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I would use Major Curse, which is a witch 5 spell. Remember, Bestow Curse and Major Curse also state "You may also invent your own curse, but it should be no more powerful than those described above." Here, you aren't causing a negative status such as negatives to saves or hit. You're causing a changed memory. I'd prefer to see something like Major Curse, as it seems strong thematically. To restore his memory would be a DC 5 + the witch's caster level + ability modifier. Assuming she's minimum level with minimum ability score, that's minimum of DC 22. I personally wouldn't have a 9th level witch without at least a 20 int (16 base, +2 racial, +2 from leveling). That would raise the DC by 3. Makes it a quest lead in to ever remove it.

You could offer glimpses that something isn't right. He could see someone that reminds him of someone he used to know, but can't quite explain how or why he used to know them. Kind of like deja vu. He also could run into someone that knew him from before, but maybe make the person seem crazed, adding strangeness to the whole encounter. I like the RP concept and the ability you as a GM can go with this.

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I'm sooo going to equip the new leg shield! That way I can avoid ending my adventuring career from pesky arrows in the knees.

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Azata getting weapon prof, arms, legs, and resistance electricity. That's 9 evolution points at creation. Demons, for instance, arms, legs, claws, resist fire, resist electricity, and +4 poison resistance (which has no point value). That's 7 plus whatever the poison resistance would be. Considering the extra cost of having to have weapons for your summon, I don't think that's a huge plus in it's favor.

Perhaps later they gain some good benefits, but that still seems to force the player into picking the serpentine version and using primarily tail slap? My point there would be if you play one of the three good aligned summons, you are extremely limited on what you can create.

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Short answer is the +10 overall is a hard cap and can't be passed by any means.

From the FAQ:

Weapon Bonuses: Can weapon special abilities (such as bane) or class abilities (such as a paladin's divine bond) allow you to exceed the +5 enhancement bonus limit and the +10 bonus-equivalent limitation?

For the enhancement bonus limitation, it depends on the specific effect or ability that's altering the weapon.

Bane: This allows the weapon to exceed the +5 limit, but only against the designated creature type. For example, a +5 dragon-bane longsword is normally a +5 weapon, but has a +7 enhancement bonus against dragons and deals +2d6 points of damage against dragons.

Paladin: The divine bond ability says "These [enhancement] bonuses can be added to the weapon, stacking with existing weapon bonuses to a maximum of +5." That means if a paladin has a +5 longsword, she can't use her divine bond to increate the enhancement bonus to +6 or higher (but she could use her bonuses to add abilities such as flaming to the weapon).

The +10 bonus-equivalent limitation is a hard cap for all weapons; you can't exceed that even with class abilities or other unusual abilities.

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What are your prohibited schools? Did you learn illusions? Misdirect and an illusion could buy you some time once the transformation is complete. If you can't convince the oracle, that could buy you the time to complete the campaign. Oh, and take ranks in Bluff. Also, discuss with the GM to make sure the fear aura wouldn't apply if you were using the illusion to cloak your appearance.

From a GMs perspective, I agree with Dave Justus, this will inherently unbalance the party and cause conflict. But some players are drawn to those conflicts, and many of my most memorable campaigns were so memorable precisely because of those conflicts. As long as you believe everyone is friendly enough outside of the sessions and your GM is amicable, it might be fun. But remember, the game is a game meant for everyone to enjoy, causing too much problems in a group that takes it all very seriously might cause you to be unable to play in the future.

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Running a shop or guild has a chance of random events, some of which include those negative chances of things (like a cop wanting to arrest thieves). As far as it being small, a guildmaster for a thieves' guild, a 3rd level rogue, is worth 5gp/day to be paid. Note, this isn't how much money you're making as the owner, but how much you'd be paid as the worker. (Then living expenses, which would be some, obviously...) How much money do you expect to make working? Or profit from having a few 1st level commoners (or even skilled classes) making some cash?

As far as selling your own goods, how fast do items sell? Part of the cost of selling your magic items is that items don't sell instantly. You may have to wait a year or two to sell items. In the end, you'll make more money, sure, but it won't be much use to you as an adventurer who wants the cash now.

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I do want to point out that the Thieves' Guild in the Ultimate Campaign assumes a count of 25 people. So for every 5 more, it would add between 2 and 5 silver per day. Even assuming the max listed leadership score from Pathfinder, with 110 extra level 1s, and some higher levels giving extra bonuses, you're looking at maybe 15gp/day. So he can get two free potions of Cure Light Wounds each week?

Likely, the biggest concern would be that he is upset and feels cheated for how little he's making. In reality, he can make good money, but only after years of investing in building buildings and organizations and managing them. It just becomes very small compared to adventuring. I only see it working in campaigns with lots of down time, like Kingmaker or the sort.

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Well, to put it in perspective, a thieves' guild from Ultimate Campaign grants a +17 to the capital (gp) gain check. If he's not present, he needs to be there regularly (ie, not gone more than 1 week a month) or lose the group without a manager. Assume his cohort would take that role, which means the cohort is not questing with him. Gold is earned at the skill divided by 10 per day. Assume a 10 on most days. That means it is 2.7 gp/day. Even being generous, and allowing the cohort to use his stats (and the likely ranks he'd have in relevant skills), I'd say that gives an additional 10, so 1gp/day. So 4gp/day. He isn't going to have boatloads of cash.

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You might check out https://www.heroforge.com/ then, if you want to do a little customizing to him. Or Reaper's figure finder (https://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/03062).

I'm checking a couple sites for prepainted miniatures.

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I might suggest snagging Book of the Damned 2: Lords of Chaos. It has several demons and the boons they grant. For example, Lamashtu's boons are listed here. You can get a rough comparison based on some of the other Demon Lords' boons. To get these boons, a feat Demonic Obedience or the Demoniac prestige is required. But the character also swears obedience/worship to a demon lord and a certain number of hit die (12 to start) before they get their first boon. With the prestige class, you can get the first boon at level 10.

Ultimately, you've given these abilities much sooner than could otherwise be achieved. It sounds like you are just finishing up module 1? Not that any of that is game breaking, but it may disrupt the balance of the party to have too much power given freely to one character. Perhaps give a drawback or some such to the gaining of the power early? They are all demonic looking mutants (bite attacks, tails, etc.) Maybe a negative to charisma based skills (sans Intimidate)? Maybe a random dice chart happens when he casts a spell with his bardic abilities? I'd need to know more about the circumstances to make an effective answer exactly what I'd do, but the potential is still there to go off-script with a unique adventure and concept. Especially if some of the party are clerics or refused to partake of the demonic temptations...

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I've been using this. It is a custom made app by someone running the campaign, and would work with virtually any map. It's still a work in progress, but has been very impressive so far.

The app loads the hexes over a map, and allows the addition of preloaded map icons (cities, bridges, etc) and identifies the hexes via name and characteristics. It could be used for any game running Ultimate Campaign.

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OilHorse wrote:

To get Slashing Grace as a Swashbuckler do I need to take Weapon Finesse separately?

I assume I do since Swashbuckler Finesse does not interact with slashing weapons on it's own as reading the start of the ability.

The last line about having the ability to act as Weapon Finesse for feat requirements seems to lead me in the other direction.

Slashing Grace requires Weapon Finesse. Swashbuckler Finesse is treated as Weapon Finesse for terms of feat requirements. So you would NOT need to take Weapon Finesse feat (you, in essence, already have it). You still need a Dexterity of 13 and Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon for Slashing Grace..

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From page 198 of the Core Rulebook: "If you are able to take only a standard action on your turn, you can still charge, but you are only allowed to move up to your speed (instead of up to double your speed) and you cannot draw a weapon unless you possess the Quick Draw feat. You can’t use this option unless you are restricted to taking only a standard action on your turn."

So you can charge during a surprise round (a standard action) but only your movement speed's distance. If you are staggered, you can still charge.

As far as 5-foot step while staggered, the staggered condition doesn't prevent you from taking movement actions or slow your speed, merely limits you to one move or standard action. You could take a free 5-foot step so long as you didn't then use your single action as a move action.