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Well then Magic Jar/Marionette Possession are probably the perfect fit.

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What about talking it out with your GM?
I'm pretty sure it's negociable to keep the mechanical aspects of the spell and change the way it looks (and therefore the spell's name).

Say you max spellcraft out and crafted your own version of fireball, named "Hogeyhead's internal probe" that would, in a 20 ft radius zone burn the lungs and boil the blood of all living being for lvld6 fire damage (10d6 max).

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Seems to me like you have to go lovecraftian on this.
Spells messing with people's sanity, necromancy and outsider summons are surely the tasteful way to go.

Think Confusion, Phobia, Feeblemind, Suffocation, Horricfic doubles, Vengeful Outrage, Black tentacles, Phantasmal putrefaction, Fear, Enervation, Audiovisual hallucination, Blindness/deafness, Hungry earth, Caustic blood, Banshee blast, Acid pit,

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It's even better than that since it's one creature touched/2 levels.
This essentially means that by level 8, your typical party of adventurers doesn't need to sleep anymore, with a single daily casting of a 1st level spell.

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IMHO I feel like you have too many blasting spells and not enough defensive and buffs spells.
2 blast per spell level is overkill and most probably gimping your capacity to deal with a broad variety of situations.

First, I see many redudancies in your blast selection.
For instance you have burning hands AND fireball AND Obsidian Flow.
The three of them are supposed to deal with groups of opponents.
Why should you need three spells to do one thing?

Burning hands deal useless damage to this point AND put you at risk by getting close to your opponents. Seeing as you have no defenses at all, avoid it.
Fireball and Obsidian flow deal the same amount and kind of damage and cover the same area. Choose one based on your group's tactics and ditch the other.

You also have Fire ray as a power AND Magic missile AND acid arrow AND scorching ray. They all function in the same way and do nothing else than dealing damage. What's the point in having three of them?
Toppling magic missiles or snowball should be more than enough.
Oh and the best ray attack is Enervation.

Secondly, relying solely on invisibility AND Greater invisibility (seriously, don't take both) to survive seems very dangerous to me. Almost suicidal in fact. Blasting sorcerors are the main focus of any intelligent foe.

Mirror image, displacement, dimension door, alter self, emergency force sphere, globe of invulnerability, dispel magic, resilient sphere, liberating command, protection from evil...pick a couple, they would all greatly improve your chances (and your group's chances) to survive.

You also need a plan when damaging spells won't do the job (Golems, SR, Globe of invulnerability...)
Haste deals more damage then most blasting spells.
Fly can be cast on your friends so they can deal damage to flyers too (and act as meat shield so that Huge Roc won't grab YOU).
A Wall of stone will divide your opponents and mess with their tactics.
Confusion will turn minions against their masters.

I don't mean to say your spell list is bad, but it can be improved for your own good. honestly you don't need that many ways to do the same action. Select a few good blast and stick to them, then use your other spells known to be flexible, you'll see how satisfying it is to have the good spell to solve a problem.

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Avoron wrote:

4: wall of sound

5: piercing wall of sound
6: empowered wall of sound
7: empowered wall of sound
8: maximized wall of sound
9: quickened wall of sound

"You may have been wondering why I've been carrying around a bag of holding full of pinto beans. Speaking of which, please take 15,551,739 points of sonic damage."

And yes, I did the math.

I actually had to go and re-read the decription of the spell, just to make sure your point was not to...err...fart'em to oblivion.

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That's a pretty good amounnt for a 17th level wizard

I made one not long ago at lvl 15 I think. I don't have the sheet with me but i have my notes, so here's the stuff I picked (the prices , as much as I remember, included the discount for crafting feats):

Robe of archmagi 37.500gp (you can get a better AC with an enchanted Haramaki and better saves with a cloak of resistance but you'd lose out the +2 caster level to overcome SR, which is the real gem here)

Belt of physical might (con/dex)+4 20000gp

Headband of vast intellect +6 45000gp

Handy haversack 2000gp + Gloves of storing 5000gp (to manage your meta rods and scrolls)

Annihilation spectacles 12500 gp (transmutation flexibility? Yes please)

Mithral buckler +5 (26000gp? better check it out)

Cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone 500gp (you're doing a divination specialist already right?)

Pearls of power: one of each from level 1 to 4 (15000gp, you can afford higher levels)

Dweomer's essenceX10 2500gp (take this even if you're an elf with all the good feats, it's a must have)

Metamagical gems (silent, quicken, empower one of each) (forgot to write down prices)

Lesser empowering rod 9000 gp
Lesser silent rod 3000 gp
Lesser selective rod 3000 gp
Pick others as needed to suit your style (A blaster might want maximize lesser for his fireballs, a controller will want to play with the devastating dazing effect)

Various scrolls and wands for me and my familiar including the prerequisites needed in order to craft most of my stuff (pick opposed school ones for your familiar)

Since you have much more money than I do, go for a Tome of clear thought +4 at 110000 gp (above all if the "wish" spell was your level 9 pick and you have the craft wondrous item feat)

Go for the Belt of physical might +6 too, "only" 25.000 above the +4

Maybe swap the Headband of vast intell for a Headband of mental prowess, pumping your Intell AND Wisdom by +6 is a great expenditure of your money

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Two options for me.
The first: hire a group of assassins specifically made to counter that guy and f%+# him up.

The second:
1/ Let him kill you while you don't even defend yourself so he takes no pleasure in doing so.
2/ Roll up a new character. Make him as close as possible to being his absolute nemesis (paladin or priest perhaps or even a buffed up Ranger focused on destroying his specific race).
3/ When mcreating the background of the new character, make it clear that he is your ex character best friend for life/cousin/love interest and so on...and that you will do anything to avenge his death.
4/ Let the sucker complain and cry and feel like an ass.
5/ Tell him you'll spare his life because, unlike him, you're not a douchebag and you're not the kind of player that voluntarily ruin a whole playing group.
6/ Prepare your new real character which happens to be a carbon copy of the one he killed: "hey I didn't tell you that I had a twin brother right?" And never let him forget how lame he was.

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Just play smart.

Sunder his weapon or even better Command him to drop it with a cleric ennemy. Maybe he will then shout "Damn, I wish I was able to do something else than swing my stick with a lousy BAB".

Surround him with Kobolds that put him down with 1 backstab. Maybe he will then shout "Damn I wish I was only a 2nd line support fighter".

Make his buddy barbarian drop and have him shout: "Damn I wish that cleric was only a 2nd line support fighter intended to buff and patch his comrades so I WOULDN'T BE DEAD AND ANGRY NOW!"

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I actually played one last saturday, and he was quite effective!
It's pretty easy to pull out actually.
Take the Musket Master archetype, it's just so good you can't pass up on it.
Dex (max it as much as possible)> Con/Wis > the rest
And then you build him like any other ranged character

Max Perception and Stealth (the goblin is extremely good at this)
Don't forget ride as you can definitely have fun with a mount

Then the usual range fighter feats:
Rapid reload (you get this for free as a Musket Master)
Point Blank Shot
Rapid Shot
Deadly Aim
They are all essential

You might also want to take the Deft Shootist chain: Dodge, Mobility, deft shootist as you will probably end up provoking AOO in tight Dungeons and generally your targets'ire for kicking the s~%@ out of them...

The small size musket isn't really a problem since your damage comes from you high Dex and Deadly Aim, but if you really must use a normal size one, either accept the -2 or take the appropriate Goblin feat (in the Race guide under Goblin)

If you bonus to hit is enough you might even want to take the -4 and use a double barrel musket for absurd damage (make sure this won't piss your DM off or he will make you suffer though)

As far as deeds go, Quick clear will be handy until you just stop misfiring (Musket Master 13).
gunslinger's initiative and Pistol Whip can be nice too

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you have any tips to share that would help our group to speed things up during fights?

We are a group of 2 to 7 players (+1 GM) depending on the weeks, and we play 4 campaigns simutaneously, each with a different GM.

I'm the only one insisting on playing with a map, because I feel like we lose too much on tactics without it, since movement in PF is so important, I think precision about it is required. It makes the player think much longer about tactics and positionning but, on the other hand, seriously shortens "storytelling tactics issues" (ie: "Oh, I didn't understand i was THAT close to that Girallon..if I did I would never have made that move/use that spell blah blah blah...)

That being said, I find our fights to be much too long. Important fights will last an hour or more on a regular basis, many of our players need to look through books during the fight to search for the precise effect of a spell or mechanics of a maneuver, and so on.

I can't ask every player to know the full set of rules perfectly, especially since there are so many books filled with options (besides, i spend most fighting time looking at details about my wiz spells myself..).

So I was wondering if you had any advices to help me make fights faster.

I thought about things like:
- At low level, throw attack AND damage dices simultaneously
- At higher level throw all attack dices simultaneously.
- Use two dices to keep track of PC's bonus and malus
- Printing extensives spell lists for every spell casting character, maybe even outlining the frequently used ones.
- Using bristol cards to keep track beforehand of the actual bonuses to attack and damage you'll have for everykind of attack you may come up with (charging, power attacking and so on)

I thought about instoring a time limit to make a decision in-fight, but I think a few of my players won't enjoy this much.

What else could be done?

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Hello there.
I'm wondering if anyone did or knows where to find a list of all spells that is easy to search through for a particular information.
I'm guessing the excel format is what's needed for that.

What I'd like is to be able to easilly find out, for example, all Wizard spells of the Transmutation School that contains "SR:NO" Or all Druid spells that target Ref etc etc...

That would be of great help around my table when casters are trying to find the perfect spell list or which spells to add to their spellbook next.