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Worst PFS I've ever played

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I played this at GenCon 50. The first 1/3 of this is incredible--the new culture introduction, the premise, and the opening fight were wonderful. This is why it got 2 stars from me rather than 1.

The debate section is AWFUL. Introducing a clunky sub-ruleset that is so detailed & wonky, to have a debate that you're expected to not only make historical arguments about a history that you know next to nothing, but in particular styles (appeal to emotion; red herring; ad hominem, etc) need to be a philosophy major in order to enjoy this. I tried REALLY REALLY HARD to like this, because my 15-year-old son was in it too, but we both hated it. The only saving grace of the debate is that the PCs are expected to lose (something I had to keep reminding the other players of due to their frustration at not being able to come up with ANY arguments, let alone reasonable ones), which is itself a weird way to set up a challenge...

The final fight was also problematic. While it was a cool concept, you are forced to split the party--it is impossible to succeed without some of the party doing only skill checks, and the rest fighting to cover them.

Overall, the setting is awesome, the culture is very cool, the premise is excellent. The execution is abysmal.

Undead turkey?!?!


I liked The Gamers, and knew I'd like Dorkness Rising, but I didn't realize how much better DR would be than the first. This is just a hilarious movie. Sure, there are plenty of "in" jokes, but I'm suspecting that it's not only going to appeal to gamers. I'm hoping my wife will enjoy it too. :-)