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GM_Solspiral wrote:
Alchemy checks mostly... Onyx is essentially volcanic glass, not difficult to replicate.

i know this thread is old, but volcanic glass is obsidian, onyx is an actual stone (primarily silica), specifically chalcedony. it's the same as agate, just colored differently.

Hey, just thought I'd mention that you have magma bloodline as not gaining flight (they gain the magma dragon's burrow feature instead), but you put Flyby Attack as one of their bloodline feats. Not sure if that was intended or not, just figured I would mention it.

Depending on when and where, i'd be all for it, possibly wife depending on her work schedule

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Jiminy wrote:
Sadurian wrote:
Jiminy wrote:
The difference being that the fighter will be killed and be able continue to play the game in under a minute. You're advocating a criminal should be killed and then punished further by being locked out of their character.

The point is that the fighter gets killed because he has chosen to play a role. The player knows that the role is dangerous and is likely to get the fighter killed a lot. Instead of whining that the game is unfair because the fighter role gets killed, the player accepts the consequences of playing that role.

If you choose to define your character as a criminal, you should accept that there will be consequences.

You have a very valid point. My issue is that the criminal will suffer the exact same fate as the fighter AND then be imprisoned. Perhaps if it was made that if a criminal was killed, then their punishment was served fully?

Sadurian wrote:

Jiminy wrote:
A better example is if the front line fighter was killed by an assassin and was locked out of their character for several hours

Why is that a better example? The fighter hasn't sought out the assassin knowing he might be killed by him. If the fighter looks at an assassin stronghold and chooses to go in to try to kill the assassin, but then gets assassinated, then it would be a slightly better example.

However. This assumes that the fighter has chosen to be an assassin hunter. It also assumes that the assassin is otherwise innocent and has done nothing to cause the fighter to hunt him. In other words, it isn't actually a good example at all.

I used this example, as you seem to want to inflict multiple punishments onto a criminal, one of which stops them enjoying and playing a game they have paid for for a certain amount of time, yet the front line fighter who kills and destroys all before his mighty blade, just gets a single fate. Not all players will have alts, and if they do, is it even fair they are forced to play that alt for a period...

not really, this is just you being a smarmy pita. you don't like the idea, fine. guess what? you being a jackass isn't helping your case any. unfortunately, your only stance is it is a bad idea cause it will suck to be punished. well, guess what? IT'S SUPPOSED TO. you want to be a parasite, feeding off of other player's hard work and screw up their game experience by being a bandit, or murderer, or thief? fine, go for it. but when you're caught, why shouldn't you receive the same, eh?

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As of this time, the Golgothan leadership has employed the services of the Order of the Dragon Turtle. I, Blyss, accept the contract on behalf of the Order of the Dragon Turtle as put down in previous negotiations. We join under the banner of the Golgothans until such time as our contract has ended and goes unrenewed. We look forward to much profit and work with this settlement.

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Hark wrote:
I've got to hope that clerics at least come with Negative energy spells immediately or very early on. Not only are they technically very easy, straight damage, but I hate any class being forced into the healer role. Also I generally think that combat healers shouldn't be a thing in any game.

then obviously you've never actually played pathfinder. Clerics are front line combat healers, and always have been. that's the REASON they can use medium and heavier armor without penalty to their spells. as for negative energy spells...Inflict Wounds has also always been a staple of the cleric class.