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I'm a fan of low powered, low fantasy. I'd have a ball.

My current character isn't much above those stats at 8th level and he's fun as heck. he's just barely above mediocre but he became the default party leader and now (Kingmaker) he's the Duke.

Super stats don't make a more fun game, they just make a more mega Character.

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MendedWall12 wrote:
I am sorry you feel that way. Many of my players love hunting through the traits for something that not only fits their character concept but also provides that nice flavorful, and mechanical bonus for them. They treat it like a little treasure hunt. When you find the trait that works well with your concept it feels great. Also, I've seen players design entire character concepts off of a trait (meaning they saw a cool trait they designed their character knowing they wanted him/her to have it).

This. Generic is like picking a feat.

Traits are designed to provide a background hook or story element as well as an in-game mechanic.
If a player really wants a trait for fluff but doesn't qualify, I'd be happy to bend but they need to explain why that is not "I want that bonus"...

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Your Flurry +1 for TWF. Yes. Penalties stack.

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Screw Mickey.. I want to see Pluto's stats...

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The action of pulling out (or pushing through) of the projectile is Part of the Heal check or Casting of a Cure spell.
The damage cause by this is already included in the damage roll.

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why is moving diagonally so much work?

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Ed-Zero wrote:
It's responses like this that are not helpful in the least.. Have you looked at the Paladin Mount ability? There is no list of creatures to take, which is why I'm posting this.. In the case where I am the GM, it's still necessary for me to know what's acceptable at what level.

It's your lack of ability to read that makes you an assmonkey...

This mount is usually a heavy horse (for a Medium paladin) or a pony (for a Small paladin), although more exotic mounts, such as a boar, camel, or dog are also suitable.

It's right there... Under Paladin: Divine Bond (Sp)

If you ask a question. Don't be an ass when you get an answer.

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Let the players decide. if one player is being a douche, the other players have a right to take it out on his character.

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FuelDrop wrote:

When you think about it adventurers are pretty crazy. Instead of living peacefully as farmers or the like they're regularly putting themselves in the path of swords, arrows and spells that risk their lives and even their very souls.

So, why? What motivates these exceptional individuals to put themselves at risk, particularly when their skills would often allow them to be at the very top of their profession in civilian life.

My bolds...

Because life has called them to be the focal point of amazing adventures and the world needs them to step up be the heroes they will become.

Also because it was once called "Dungeons and Dragons" and not "Farmers and Tavern Keepers"
Look at Bilbo Baggins. He didn't intend to go on adventures but he was called to it. Pretty well disliked the whole business really. Samwise Gamgee only ever wanted to get back home and marry the girl.

Shea Shannara was happy as a tavern keepers son.. and he was called.

Your backstory should explain why your character isn't settled into a little hamlet in the shire. Give them a reason to be out and about.

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you're running them wrong.

Dragons should have multiple minions, traps, lackeys, buffs, items and enchantments well before players get there.

If you are running them as combat brutes they will get tooled.
Use the dragon's intelligence.
Spys should alert a dragon well before players get close so hired thugs, bounty hunters etc will be in the way.
Then hit and run tactics. As easy as dropping rocks from thousands of feet up to as devious or hiring a wizard to be in the lair on the day the players are due to arrive (without letting the wizard know) and coving him with an illusion...

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I know this might not be the best place to mention/discuss, but has anyone ever played a character to a theme/story idea instead of to maximize every tidbit of power available to be gleaned?

I miss playing in a non-competitive, non "I win" style and just exploring what would a character with this background do/progress into.

Since many (I hesitate to say most)players are now all about the most bang for the least buck, story and theme seem to go out the window when choosing feats, level ups, and multi-classing.

How does one go about toning down a game to help with a convincing story line instead of catering to the power mongers? How does one find enough players that are more concerned about story and less about DPS and mechanics?

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Was there a point to this post?
Or as he says.. is the OP a troll? Is he trying to write as if he WERE an actual troll or is English a second language?

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"An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools."
Ernest Hemingway

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Arbane the Terrible wrote:
There is something to be said for not forcing the GM to reshuffle their campaign world just to explain where your snowflake came from.

I want to make this my status and my quote... and my flashing billboard, and the message I burn into the moon...

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there is that...

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and most folks you encounter will point and laugh

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blue_the_wolf wrote:
In pathfinder its not exactly unusual for a player to decide they want to play some off the wall concoction like a half demon lizard man with flaming wings and a pet huge sized flaming spider.

People.. The OP was exaggerating for emphasis. Don't get hung up on semantics.

He's saying that some folks have unusual character concepts that they'd like to bring to a game.

The point being... How do you all handle unusual builds, races, and or pets?

For my part as a GM. If you are off the beaten path (core books races) you are going to take some penalties to Diplomacy and similar skills in most civilized towns and may have to have your more "normal" companions vouch for you to even be let in at all with a potential additional "gate tax".
If you are playing an "Evil" race (Drow, Svervneblin (sp?), Orc, etc) then you may be attacked on sight.

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Sword and board works just fine. the differnce between a d8 and 2d6 starts to lesson as you bonus damage starts to add up.
No you are not optimized for combat and the DPS'ers generally say it shouldn't be done but go with your image of your character and have fun.

My S&B Paladin is a great lot of fun and he actually has a couple of "gasp" non-combat feats.. "WHAT??!?!? you say?"

Not all of Pathfinder has to be combat. Create a character that you enjoy and optimization be damned.

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No god would take the powers of a paladin for such a minor offense. After the time and energy expended to call and train a righteous warrior, 1 unarmed blow would not remove his/her paladinhood.
Any GM that ruled it thus is an assmonkey.

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Antagonize Feat

It works against 1 foe and only provokes aggro or hampers them a little. A ton of spells do much better job of this?

Please review the feat as it is CURRENTLY written before posting. It seems to have been reworked not so long ago?

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How about if your GM has issues with a race, you work with him instead of being a jack hole as has been suggested by a few players here.

GM's have the right to nerf/restrict/forbid anything that they see might be an issue in THEIR game.

Bring up the problem diplomatically, present your points, and if your first choice isn't going to work, then design something that will.

Plenty of options out there to choose from that won't wreck your continued friendship with this GM and your group.

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Don't sit toe to toe.

Use terrain and Combat maneuvers to make things exciting.

Have moving terrain with checks as needed to stay on it. If everyone sits in the spot they started, yes, it's going to be boring.

Also HOW people describe what they are doing can make a big difference as well.
"I roll to hit with my longsword. 16? Is that a hit?" just sounds lame next to
"I duck below his lame attempt to hit me and stab up under his shield. A 16... If that hits then I've impaled a kidney and watch the blood ooze as I withdraw my blade."

DO NOT punish your players for using cinematic descriptions of what they are doing... If they could just as easily say "I move the 2 squares to get into base to base" OR they could say "I rush along the bannister and leap onto the banner there and slide down" and still get to the same place.. let them do the second with out rolling for it.

Let your players know about the +1 for higher ground mechanic and then provide lots of tables and crates, rocks and fallen trees. Sure make it cost like difficult terrain to get up onto it but not to get off (or standard movement with a DC 15 (or lower) Acrobatics check).

Give a "Cinematic bonus" of +1 to hit if they come up with a cool description.


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Was playing Saga Ed. Star Wars and one player died so I picked up her lightsaber (guy playing a female character it should be noted) and being able to use it (jedi/mando combo) started putting it to use.
The GM allowed the Jedi to be cloned (effectively resurrecting her at same stats/level).
So the player decides that since I touched her lightsaber I needed to die.

The GM and this player plan for who knows how long for a JEDI to hire several higher level assassins that aim only for my character and they easily kill him. I stood up. Said thanks for the game and never went back.

1. Jedi wouldn't care enough that another used their lightsaber to have them killed
2. a JEDI wouldn't hire assassins.
3. They planned this in a reach-around session that the GM was OK with. Instead of indicating that maybe this was an ASSHAT plan or suggesting the Un-Jedi-like activities might harm the players status as a Jedi, he went along with it.
4. This player was the only one allowed to have a Bloodline (sorry been a while so might not be the right word... special abilities based on family lineage...)

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the reason THAT faerie dragon is becoming a familiar is that it's not as bright as it's buddies and needs to hang out with outsiders (PCs) since the other Faerie dragons won't let him play in the reindeer games.

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huge fan of low magic

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
SwnyNerdgasm wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
SwnyNerdgasm wrote:
Sadly this thread seems to be about lines from Firefly, I'll leave now
It wasn't supposed to be just firefly. That show just has so many good one liners.
See I never found it that way, just the thought of that show makes me want to run away screaming
You're dead to me.


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Let your players roll out to the side and make the whole evening as boring as humanly possible. no events, no encounters. Just a lot of "and so what would you like to do next..."

After a few nights of this, most players tend to pick up the threads you have dropped...

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wow you guys must run super low power campaigns cause d3 damage has NEVER been overpowered in any game I've ever played.

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Only truly repentant enemies must be spared. If they beg for mercy it should be given.

Enemies playing on the reputation of Paladins to surrender only to expect to escape or repeat offend should be put to death. Sense motive is your friend here.

If the enemy is not evil, under what pretense were they enemies?

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My question is WHY is it meta gaming for a paladin to choose not to accompany the party on a mission of subterfuge. A paladin's bluff and deception skills are minimal and generally not in practice to any degree.

Knowing that his allies were going on a mission of that type, he was well within his boundaries to not participate. Going along would have jeopardized his friends, himself, the slaves and the mission. I say it was well played.

As has been mentioned, LG does not equal Lawful stupid. Roaring a challenge against unbeatable odds serves your god in NO way whatsoever. By sitting out he provided the opportunity for the rescue and safety of all involved.

Why do so many GMs like to screw with paladins so badly?

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And while it doesn't actually ADD to BAB you also can wear better armor without the attack penalties so it's kinda like a backhand BAB bonus?

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Handle animal already has the ability to train a mount
Instead of trying to bring your horse up to level 15, find a fantasitical creature and raise it to be your mount. I don't think you should be able to buy them. Quest for them.
You want a hippogriff? Seek out an Aerie and climb to get an egg.
You want a dragonne? Listen to rumors and tales to find the lair of one and capture a youngling.
Griffon? Axebeak?

Go forth and conquer a companion/mount. it's the one drawback to having a mount for your class. My Paladin just liberated and tamed a Bulette that has already been trained as a mount but he has a freaking magic horse...

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Kalantra wrote:
I talked with the party today and they felt it was unfair because of my build being too good. In order to settle the matter I decided to play a wizard. I will have to build my monk with a different group of people. I just haven't ever played a monk so I figured I would give it a try since I rolled so well.

You play with retards.

Get a new group. OR you can educate them on how to build better than lax/suboptimal builds.

I agree that some folks can "break" a game by over optimizing but... Being to well built that your party says you have to go?
They do realize that by you succeeding, they do as well?

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You make your character how you see fit.
Unless the DM thinks your build is broken and asks to to remake it...
Tell the whining little B!tc#3$ that they have the opportunity to take the same feats and progression as you if they like.. if Not shut it!

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Nothing worse or scarier than a well thought out and devious minded Human.
They blend, they breed, they plot.
So many ways to create and use one that they never grow tired.

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Judge Dredd

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On the point of Staffs, I'd like to see a POINTS on staff feats, traits and types.
From monk, to fighter, to wizard; more reasons to see the lowly staff on the tabletop.

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Downtime is as easy as saying that after the last game session, the party takes X number of months to recuperate and spend some of their treasure on enjoying life. Take that time to do crafting etc.
If the Characters have any profession skills they can also make a small amount of $$.
It should need to be ENFORCED by the GM. Real world, the characters would want to take a break now and again even if the players want to run back to back.

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If you only have one hand on then you do not get the 2 handed bonus.

Using two lances is patently ridiculous and attempting it should be met with 1000 lashes from a wet noodle and then a punch in the throat.

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It should NOT be the DMs purpose, on hearing that you are interested ion playing a paladin, to plot how they can manuever you into breaking your vows.
But sadly this is the mindset of plenty of DMs out there.

As long as you indicate to your DM what your paladin believes and what you expect out of him/her they shouldn't be bucking to screw you any more than any other class.

My current paladin offers mercy once. The option to atone and if it is not taken (and he uses sense motive to check on false repentance) then he will act in accordance with the local laws. Murders and bandits are subject to hanging. Lesser crimes are dealt with by imprisonment. He has 3-4 followers whose only job is to ferry prisoners to jails. Look into Leadership feat or RP it with your DM.

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I call them Duelists and "skin" the unarmed attacks as their rapier. And just calling some of the other powers/abilities by other names.

I have a pretty awesome Princess bride style Swashbuckler built on the monk class.

Improved Dirty Trick is astounding for such things as popping belt buckles to drop pants, cutting drapes from the wall to drop over head and blind or entangle, Cutting nearby candles in such a way as to spray wax and Dazzle. etc.

He's great fun and the mechanics of the class don't change a whit. Just the way I say he looks and acts.

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Is this honestly any sort of valid question? Seriously.

there are way too many words so far to determine if a sleeping guy can get his neck snapped?

Yes. move along.

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Male 1/2 Orc Rogue 2/Barbarian 1, HP:31, AC:19, t:15, ff:14, Init +6, Percep +4, Saves Fort +2, Ref +7, Will +0

Thanks for chiming in, Festric, but what will you be doing?

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The worst penalty is for mounted folks... ACP against your ride check when you are supposed to be heavy cavalry is painful.

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Mojorat wrote:
There probly wouldnt be any rules, as far as i know the idea that stuff you eat can be harmful to babies is really a modern thing. though i may be wrong on that.


Not drinking during pregnancy is a relatively new development. I say you continue drinking as before and your DM assigns a % per drink to having your child develop fetal alcohol syndrome.

OR don't worry about it and have a healthy baby since you are so damned heroic that your god protects the child.

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Brevoy seems the most "russian" like land that I can recall.

Mounted combat seems a must. Ride by attack later.

Seems like he's going to get all mixed up with a lot of dips.

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