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Are we ever gonna get Colossal and/or Gargantuan pawns?


I have a question about throwing creatures, ex: a Goblin Snake (Bestiary 3 pg. 132) is trying to gather more goblins and my groups Barbarian wants to throw it over the edge into a pit... What are the rules on that.

SWEEEEET I cant wait

1) Ultimate Dragons: A book filled with facts about dragons, with dragon like races, class archetypes, prestige classes, companions, and more dragon and dragon like monsters

2) Bestiary Box 2/3: the pawns for the Bestiary 2 and 3

3) Ultimate Psionics: A book bringin Psionics into the Paizo world

4) Bestiary 4 and Up: More Monsters nuff said

5) Ultimate Classes: A book filled with classes and archtypes for every known class to date (Picture Advanced Race Guide but with classes)

6) Dragon Empires World Guide: If we have the Primer and the Gazetteer for the Dragon Empires, why shoudlnt we have a world guide, Inner Seas did...

7) Ultimate Classes Box: Pawns for a class for every race up to date

8) GameMastery Guide 2: More rules and guidelines for a GM

I love this book, and am wondering if there will be any more hardback world guides. That would make an awsome addition to my collection


Here Here on Kitsune :D

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Is there a picture with the description?
The art in the fighter section is a fighter with a spear, the head of which is dragon shaped. So, I'm thinking yes.


Is there a picture with the description?

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What is the word on the Dragoon Archtype?

Is it a spear or gun user?

Spear(Lance primarily). It's like they merged the idea of real dragoons with Final Fantasy dragoons, in a way that I, at least, really enjoy.

For example, rather than dude a miles-high jump where you come down on an opponent with a spear, there's a (high level) feature that lets you make a charge in which you dismount at least 10 feet before the end, leap the remaining distance yourself, and get the damage of a boosted lance charge. Fortunately, they also have features that let them use a Lance while on foot just fine.

Boo-Yah, Just what I wanted :D

Well not quite but as long as its not the gunman :D

What is the word on the Dragoon Archtype?
Is it a spear or gun user?

Any Ideas, when the release date will be?

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A fighter specializing in Siege Engines? Sweet.

A bit sad about the lack of gunmage :(

My rogue succeeds on a sneak attack with a ballista - for 283 points of damage!

Your gonna sneak attack with a seige weapon...? There has to be a rule aginst this! fine roll......

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Gun Mage is the spellslinger archetype, under wizard.

Dragoon is delicious...I'm havin' flashbacks to Kain in Final Fantasy IV! Squee!

Don't want to be all rainin' on your parade, but I'm pretty sure they're reffering to the horse-riding type of dragoons and not the jumping-with-a-spear type.

I sure as heck hope no... I want the Spear using Jumping kind, if it was the horse-riding type I would think that fits Cavalir, or if it was the gun using type it would be a gunslinger....

Gorbacz wrote:
Panzer Dragoon!

Heck Yeah!

About time, a Kitsune Class, I've been wanting one for quite some time :D

Here's hoping for a Dragoon Archtype under the fighter class, that and I'm soo gonna get this book not matter what. :D