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I recently played a nasty higher level game of PFS, and both me and my phantom suffered both ability damage, and ability drain.

I was able to use PP to heal my drain, and my ability damage will heal naturally, but what does my phantom have to do to heal both its ability drain and ability damage?

I have started playing Cogsnap in Season of The Runelords. I got the Alchemist's kit and I was curious if that overrode his power about banishing Alchemical boons.

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Can you play characters between different seasons, as long as they are in the right tier?

At a Pathfinder Organized Play event yesterday, I was playing Grazzle. The item Wand of Flame came up, which has the Attack Trait. I had the power that says Grazzle has +2 on all checks that invoke the attack trait. Does the item invoke that trait, giving me a bonus on my check to recharge it?

FYI, I just played it that it did not because i did not really need it to recharge.

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I am running some games of Season 0:Season of the Shackles. If I am running it now, do i ignore the Tier advancement system, or do I ignore any power/skill/card feats listed as scenario rewards?

I was wondering if I use Jirelle and the Rogue class deck, can i still use Jirelle's Bloodcrow Rapier from the iconic heroes set? The rules seem a little unclear

The Exchange

I was wondering if there is any interest in setting up an adventure card guild in the Houston area. I would gladly run some sessions out of Fat Ogre in North Houston for Season 1. Just putting a thread out before I make an event listing.

In Adventure pack 1, the scenarios reward you with "1 scale of your choice" 4 times. Does this mean that my party could have 2 copies of one of the scales? And are the scales tied to specific players?

A question came up in my last organized play game about the second section of text on Masterwork Tools.

"Recharge this card to defeat a barrier whose highest difficulty to defeat is 14 or lower"

Is this limited to barriers you encounter, or any barrier encountered in the game? Can I use on another character's barrier if they are at my location? Can I use it on any barrier a character encounters at any location?

I am involved in an Organized play group as Radillo, and a question has come up relating to power feats and the order you are required to take them in.

For those of you unfamiliar, one of Radillo's powers is "When you play a spell that has the Arcane trait during an encounter, you may examine
the bottom card of your deck; if it is a spell (□ or an ally), you may put it on top of your deck (□ or add it to your hand)."

Am I required to take the "(□ or an ally)" part before I can take the "(□ or add it to your hand)"?