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Not a bad sale on this necromancy at all...

A sale is a sale.

Level One comparison for ease of math.

Level 1, Human: Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse
Level 1, Human: Exotic Weapon Proficiency(Elven Curved Blade), Weapon Fnesse

So the bonuses to attack are the same at base and raging, 18 and 14 Str. Daggers for the TWF so both have 2d4 damage.

TWF, Normal: Two attacks at +3 for 2d4+3 total
TWF, Raging: Two attacks at +3 for 2d4+6 total
TWF, Unchained Raging: Two Attacks at +5, for 2d4+7 total

ECB, Normal: One attack at +5, for 2d4+3
ECB, Raging: One attack at +7, for 2d4+6
ECB, Unchained Raging: One attack at +7, for 2d6+8

An Unchained Barbarian that uses Two-Weapon Fighting can pull ahead if they get magical weapons, but they are still behind in the accuracy department so I think it even out a little. Double Slice will alleviate the damage drop off a little, putting the TWF ahead a small margin though.

With that in mind, I think Unchained Barbarian TWF can be less frustrating, but I wouldn't call it the most damaging.

Now where are those black opals...?

Ryan Freire wrote:
Yup, and it works just fine, though the swift action for accurate stance is slightly inconvenient. It is feat intensive, like every twf build and you don't just get to pick one stat and max it. The tools for a critfishing dual wield barb are strong.

I am glad I hit preivew. I hadn't thought about rage powers.

Accurate stance applies to both, so that is a wash. Powerful Stance is better for the ECB UBarb simply because of the accuracy it has over a TWF build.

Hmm... A Sword and Board TWF Ubarb bears some looking into, but it is much more feat intensive too...

Faunis just have this feat as a racial feature. Low-Light or Darkvision too.

Loving the sales from this thread though. :)

The Thread wrote:
Ahh, after eight years I'm free! Time to conquer Earth!

Pay up first.

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Damn that shoplifter...

Eight years just might be my best sale yet!

I do love a good sale.

Oooh, a double sale! How lucrative.

Indeed. Chuckles while counting up the current sale.

Nyerkh wrote:

You could absolutely flavor it as taking your faithful hound as your animal companion. But it would be just that, flavor.

The instant you make the decision you can forget whatever stats and abilities it had : it now has the dog animal companion profile.
Or keep your regular dog and get an AC one on top. Or get a wolf and say it's your dog on steroids.

Animal Companions being different from their baseline isn't exactly a rare occurence. Bears were a big offender until the fairly recent Grizzly addition. Elephants AC are merely Large. Etc.

Also, almost ten year necro : nice.

It was a wonderful sale.

What a wonderful sale.

Ooh, a new sale! How wonderful. As a bonus I'll throw in the typically well-known fact that Damage Reduction does not work on elemental damage - such as standing in fire. You need fire resistance or immunity for that.

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I'm sure I could cut you a deal too...

Nearly three years worth of sales? How wonderfully lucrative!

Hey, have surplus wares, will travel. ;)

Secondary Necrosale! All gems same price!

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A repeat customer is good for business...

TrinitysEnd wrote:
Holy necro batman

Nearly seven years of profit~

How wonderful for sales!

Spheres of Might, Wandering Swordsman is a Samurai archetype that should allow for Samurai Jack prett easily. Spheres of Might is also pretty much capable of recreating martial characters of all sorts too.

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Two sales in under two hours, and to the same person! My my my, someone seems to have an agenda~

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Now now, a little necromancy never hurt anyone but my competitors...

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This thread has been amazing for sales....

My, my, what a wonderful topic to sell gems to...

Two threadomancies? How... lucrative. :)

Nearly five years. Not a bad sale of black onyx if I do say so myself. :)