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Boring and repetative


Reading this had me constantly wondering if my bookmark had slipped back a few chapters while I dozed off. Wait, weren't they running away and being desperately chased a few pages ago? Oh.. yes they're just at it again. And again. And again.

Yes. The mysterious Masked in the mask is mysterious. We know noooothing about him. Or the mysterious guy following him. We got that. Somewhere between the 8th and 12th chase scene.

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The Tasmanian Devil is in the details.


Overall I liked it, but there were more than a few problems.

The art was amazing. (I really want to take the poor compsognathus home)

The chart is... wow has this been missing for a long time. About time we got something like this.

The division of belt into belt and belt (saddle) was new and more than a little arbitrary.

The magic item section was the most disappointing. Its barely a page, and most of the items suffer from the usual "its not on the christmas tree so its overpriced" effect. Magical items for critters is almost new ground, i thought they could have done a lot more with this.

The collar of obedience seems useful... but by the time you can afford it most of the animals you'd want to use it on are bigger than large, and for some reason unlike every other neck slot item in the game, this one has resizing limits.

I love the idea of animal archetypes. More variety is good.

The charger seems like a good archetype... but it technically can't do anything as it gives benefits to cavaliers but cavalier mounts can't take it because it replaces an ability they don't have (share spells)

The tricks vary. Bombard is absolutely hilarious and probably the best of the lot. There's a few more that have more than a little overlap with already existing tricks, Like watch and guard or perform and entertain. Some seem to be like rogue tricks where they, by implication, limit what you could otherwise have done with another trick by their existence.

Absolutely loved the new familiars and animal companions, they really should be as diverse as the adventurers that they own. People seem to love the panda bear, and even if i never take a llamma as an animal companion i rejoice to know that somewhere there's a druid with a llama and profession (weaver)

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Really Good. Some missed opportunities to be amazing though


I really really liked this one. I can't recall the last time pathfinders, the gentleman adventurer archeologists, had last done any well... archeology. It was nice to get them into a musty old tomb and get their hands dirty on some real history.

The Thing that makes this scenario good rather than amazing is its too busy. There are simply too many things that have happened in the tomb and none of them are all that connected to the crunch.


Four things have happened in the tomb

1) This was where the sages died.

2) This is where grandmaster torch got torched- a seminial event in pathfinder history that has driven the metaplot for multiple seasons.

3) Nefti and Kafar where here last week and swiped the sage jewels.

and There's an old dead librarian waiting for an interview in a coffin.

So you have an Egyptian tomb, where grandmaster torch was torched... and a Viking shows up and wants to fight you for the right to loot the place. With all of the history to draw on THATS an encounter? I mean you wouldn't even need to change the Vikings' stats, just asign each Viking to be a dead pathfinder.

1 and 2 in particular could easily be tied into the adventure's combat a bit more. The party could have fought the Scarab seekers ghosts/spirits rather than some random dead travelers. Instead of an otherwise really good and thematic haunt, The party could have relived the last days of the sages.

Its the culmination of three seasons of grandmaster torches backstory AND a pivotal moment for the osirion faction and they're background to a viking and some random undead.

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Social Combat! *cue techno music*


Ok, You're sent to a dinner isn't exactly new for Pathfinder society but what I really liked was the mechanic for talking sense into people using non social skills. This can give the characters/players that normally stay in the corner conversing with the potted plants a chance to contribute to the mission without running the risk of ruining the adventure for the entire group.

The combats are scaled back a bit from season 3.5-4, so if your local munchkins are still set on "Nuke it from orbit!" your bad guys might get curb stomped a little fast.

Some of the NPCs could use a little more differentiation. It was a bit hard to find the different "voice" for the two heads of the trading cartel. Osirion and Qadiran have always been a little close for me .

One thing that the scenario doesn't address is

People trying to gather information on the party members BEFORE hand... which is the first thing that every semi conscious player I've asked has said they'd do with 24 hours to prepare.

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Great fun with the Otugh, Bad Final fight


Three stars for a basic dungeon crawl, +1 for the very fun to role play Otugh, -1 for the final fight

Togg is a rare and delicate dessert flower.

The final fight got kind of boring for the players without darkvision. At level 1-3 there's not a heck of a lot they can do about the darkness. On top of that the character get caltroped, so a lot of players would spend 5 minutes waiting for their turn only to spend a full round moving 15 feet in the direction of combat.

There seems like a lot of interesting background in the dungeon with the wererats, but they effectively don't come up in the scenario.

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