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This item does its thing very nicely, and I'm glad it's got through. It's great to see a simple idea done effectively. I could absolutely see this living in a book.

The name is a bit misleading though. Thinking about it, I'd prefer it to be a giant Hellboy-style gauntlet with all the same powers :)

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Designers do have to learn to manage rejection, but the best feedback is always crafted to improve not rebuff.

See Pixar and their "plussing": g-into-creating/

Worth bearing in mind for the critique my item thread! =)

Good luck all!

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ThatEvilGuy wrote:

Sepulchral Urn of Lingering Death

By upending the urn and spilling out its contents you cause a billowing cloud of necromantically infused ash to fill the area with negative energy.

This reminds me of an amusing anecdote. A friend of mine was diving with his wife off the headland of some island in the Aegean, when they came across a load of stoppered clay pots on the seabed. Pulling the stoppers off a few, they were surrounding by billowing clouds of "mud". Later, in the bar, they mentioned the pots to one of the locals. He was like "Oh, please don't go diving there! Everybody around here throws the ashes of their relatives off that headland." Luckily they didn't mention they'd been happily popping all the stoppers off.