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Check out this channel on Youtube... ery=dawnforgedcast

This guy has several playlists set up to teach the game (to his wife I might add) and seems to be a really good starting point to anyone who is interested in playing Pathfinder. He is also a school teacher and has several videos where he is running an ongoing game for some younger kids. I am confident you will find something on his channel to help your prosess on getting your game started.
I also agree with the post about getting the Beginner Box set. This gives the right amount of rules for the game without being overly complicated. My ONLY problem with the set is that it was not released 30 years ago when I first got into RPGs. It is well worth price and comes with soooo much great items to get your family gaming within a hour or so. Happy Holidays to you and yours and good luck with your familys gaming adventures...


Good news!!!
There is a seller on Ebay who has a copy for sale. Here is the link... geons-Dragons-3-5-Book-/361035279065?pt=Games_US&hash=item540f612ad9

I have bought a few items from this seller and i can say that he is top notch. Be sure to check his other items for sale as they will definately bring more enjoyment to the gaming table...

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Paizo... This would be a "Must Buy" for so many fans of the Pathfinder world. Please consider making this idea into a reality. Given the fact that so many of our characters call Sandpoint their home and that so many players and GMs have spent countless hours bringing this iconic little town to the lead of Pathfinder popularity, it seems only natural that a Sandpoint Boxset would be a pinnacle product much like the Beginner Box itself. I realize this seems like a huge request to ask of Paizo but then again, if you guys can create the entire Golarian world, it shouldn't be a huge challenge to make Sandpoint its' unofficial capital...