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137ben wrote:

Now, I'm biased: I find daemons more interesting, and demons to be the least interesting of those three. And I don't expect the three main fiend subtypes to have exactly the same number of monsters in them. But there is a slant towards chaos.

I'm guessing this is a result of more Paizo staff preferring to write about demons. Which is fine.

While I do enjoy all types of outsiders (evil or not; I figure they all contribute flavour to a game, which is fantastic), I believe it makes perfect sense that the Abyss, being infinite, would spawn the most monsters. I would actually support Paizo in coming up with truly bizarre demons (not that we don't already have some of 'em—the Qlippoth are an especially nice take on that angle). I'd also like to see demonic versions of other outsiders (going a bit further than the useful, but necessarily limited, fiendish template).

I just love the idea of demons being easy—but very dangerous—to summon (and thus tempting for wizards and such), with the Abyss being a sentient plane trying to expand its influence and all (I like to imagine it actually ends up "swallowing" other planes, adding their corrupted, ravaged planar remains to its dark, chaotic, cosmic mass once they're completely overrun by demons).
It makes the multiverse feel like a fragile place somehow, that image of an infinitely deep gaping maw hanging just below it (to picture it that way). I like the idea of the Abyss being a primordial cancer on the multiverse.

But anyhow, yeah, it's all good! "An infinite horde of demons makes good sense" is what I'm saying basically, so all the better if the staff at Paizo enjoys writing about them! ;)

I'm getting a great vibe from what I'm reading about this upcoming release! I can hardly pick one of the promising subsystems it will bring to our tables as the one I anticipate most favourably. Heh!

Now, I know it's been hinted at, but I was wondering whether Ultimate Campaign will actually include 'building' rules for Factions (a la "Faction Guide"), possibly with a handful of world-neutral ones (say: a good-aligned church, a thieves' guild, a knightly order…). I'm talking about a couple tables suggesting appropriate rewards/duties for different TPA scores, and CPA costs—an expanded version of "Appendix 1" from the Faction Guide, if you will.

That would be killer! I love the added depth such subsystems bring to a game.


(P.S. Also, I would second [if somewhat belatedly] other people's suggestion that city stats and kingdom stats should speak to one another. Perhaps make a kingdom's capital city impact the calculation of a kingdom's statistics? I find the GMG rules for settlements work quite fantastically; it'd be a shame to move away from them.)

Vic Wertz wrote:

The NPC Codex doesn't assume you have access to anything other than the Core Rulebook.

I can't promise that every role in the GMG has an equivalent in the NPC Codex, as I'm not sure that was an intentional goal... but I wouldn't be surprised if it's pretty close, just because the GMG list is largely generically useful.


Thank you very much for taking the time to answer and make this perfectly clear.

Now I'm definitely getting one; this book's going to be SO useful! And fun, I'm sure.

Vic Wertz wrote:

...this book is much like the NPC Gallery section of the GMG, except that the text describes specific characters in addition to general character types.


The NPC Codex 3rd-level bard writeup is called "Local Celebrity," which consists of a stat block, a few words describing the local celebrity in generic terms, and a brief description of a specific local celebrity, Tremin Kaylos.

Sorry my question wasn't clear...

It seems from your answer that the NPC Guide doesn't assume we own the GMG and will thus provide stats for similar NPC concepts as those found in the GMG (say "Slaver", or "Guard").
That would be perfect!

And the whole "specific character" idea actually sounds like we're getting even more reusable goodness than I thought we'd get.

I'm very much looking forward to this one!


First, thanks for producing this book. If it's anything like what the description says, it'll be absolutely invaluable. I mean: monster books, you pretty much pick and choose from, leaving out what doesn't make sense to your story… but NPCs!!! I can't wait to be able to toss fully-statted, colourful rival adventurer bands at my PCs with the mere flip of a page (as befits our campaign).

I was also very happy to read it'd include NPC classes as well, which brings me to a question I had: can we expect some overlap with the material presented in the GM Guide (namely as pertains to the "roles" filled by the builds found in the 'NPC Gallery' chapter)?

See, leafing through the GM Guide, I found that only about half of it would really be useful to me. I understand the relevance of discussing general game issues/styles/problems, but after a couple years DMing, it becomes less useful as, say, the various [very inspiring] Toolboxes and 'Generator' tables, and the NPC Gallery.
This fact led me to [somewhat grudgingly] refrain from buying the book.

So back to my question: my understanding is that some of these concepts will be revisited in the NPC Codex, am I right? I would very much appreciate this. :)

At any rate, I am thrilled about this release. It might quite well prove the most useful "monster book" out there.