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Thanks for the advice!

It's from the Pathfinder Module: The Harrowing

"The Harrowed Realm is a demiplane originally created from the Dimension of Dreams by the Varisian bard called Sonnorae. It is, however, now sealed off from all planes except the Material Plane, to which it is connected through the Deck of Harrowing Tales"

Harrowed Realm
Sphere Inner Sphere demiplane
Alignment Mildly Neutral
Denizens Storykin
Description Small, ageless demiplane

does enayone knows how to calculate theHarrowed Realm's size?

So, I’m about to GM a short adventure called The Harrowing!
I’ll have 4 players and I’ll give them 25 point buy.
I don’t want to change the encounters and I want it to be hard for them!
what lvl shall we start (I’m thinking 8lvl) and how much money are enough? The standard WBL is 33k for lvl 8 but I'm afraid that'smore than they need for such a short adventure!

thanks in advance!

Yes indeed,
but Blight Druid gains some Beautiful debuffs AND immunity to sickened and nauseated conditions something that in combination with Scarlet and Green Cabochon (Ioun Stone), allows an early rage cycle!!! ;)

Another dilemma I have:
I want so badly to take the furious finish feat, but it requires rage as class feature!
Is it better to dip 1 lvl into Barbarian or gain rage through Destruction Domain (Rage subdomain) (that is accessible from Blight Druid Archetype)?

If I choose barbarian, I will loose spellcasting levels and I’ll only gain a small rage pool and no rage powers.
If I choose the domain I’ll loose the Animal companion…


Powerful Shape (Mythic)

Benefit: You can apply the giant simple template (quick rules version) to any form you take with wild shape. This replaces the benefit from Powerful Shape.

As a free action, you can expend one use of mythic power to combine the benefit from this feat with the benefit from non-mythic Powerful Shape for a number of rounds equal to your tier.


Simple Template: Giant (CR +1)

Quick Rules: +2 to all rolls based on Str or Con, +2 hp/HD, –1 penalty on all rolls based on Dex.

Rebuild Rules: Size increase by one category; AC increase natural armor by +3; Attacks increase dice rolled by 1 step; Ability Scores +4 size bonus to Str and Con, –2 Dex.

Although I would really love, Mythic Powerful Shape to increase my size, I think it is clearly stated that it doesn’t.


Does anyone understand how partial transformation works?

what’s happening to your the size when you partially transform to a bigger or smaller creature?
do I get the natural armor bonus the size bonus to str?

Cornielius wrote:
Mythic powerful ... enlarges you giving reach and larger weapon dice as well as a size bonus for CMD and CMB ...

WoW, if this is true it's awesome!

But where exactly does it says that you increase your size and reach and +2 to dammage?
Applying str to damage doesn’t require a roll.

Quick Rules gives you only: +2 to all rolls based on Str or Con, +2 hp/HD, –1 penalty on all rolls based on Dex.

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"Partial Transformation (Su)

You have refined control over your transformation ability. When using wild shape, you can expend one use of mythic power to only partially transform into or out of animal form. For example, you could transform your hands into tiger claws and your head into a tiger's head (giving you low-light vision and scent, and allowing you to make claw and bite attacks but still wear armor and use worn magic items normally), transform into a deinonychus with human hands (allowing you to still manipulate objects and wear rings), or transform into a constrictor snake with a humanoid head (allowing you to speak and cast spells with verbal components). You may make one such change per round as a free action for the duration of that use of wild shape.

For example, if you change into a tiger, this ability allows you to partially transform yourself from tiger form to your normal form and back as needed until the duration ends or you fully return to your normal form. You must have the wild shape class feature to select this ability."

Partial transformation rocks \m/

but I don’t quite get it!

Can I make any transformation once per round (1st round lion head, 2nd normal head but eagle wings, 3rd normal hand but shark’s tail?)

also what is then my size?
If I am a hafling, can I have a huge T-Rex head?

also, can I combine partial transformation with mythic wildshape?

Cornielius wrote:

To keep them up to power, I have powerful form and powerful form, mythic- which adds the giant template to any wildshape.

But Powerful form only gives you “giant simple template (quick rules version) “

which only gives you “Quick Rules: +2 to all rolls based on Str or Con, +2 hp/HD, –1 penalty on all rolls based on Dex.”

I fail to see how is this worth a mythic feat…

Covent wrote:
Dual path with heriophant's mythic wildshape, and guardian's partial transformation is quite good.

Partial transformation rocks \m/

but I don’t quite get it!

Can I make any transformation once per round (1st round lion head, 2nd normal head but eagle wings, 3rd normal hand but shark’s tail?)

also what is then my size?
If I am a hafling, can I have a huge T-Rex head?

also, can I combine partial transformation with mythic wildshape?

[XMorsX and lemeres]

I think that the best race for druid is Half elf!

With Dual Minded for +2 on all will saves and +2 vs enchantments
and Elf’s Favored Class Bonuse ( +1/3 to the druid's natural armor bonus when using wild shape.) {a half-elf can select elf and human rules elements}

Thank you all for your advices!

[nate lange]
Yea power attack is good! And dual path is what I’m thinking to do!
do you have any favorite Path Abilities?

Eldritch heritage seems to be quite expensive for a small profit!
3 feats for a +4 str (at lvl 11-15)! It’s a good idea for a class with more feats!
Shapeshifting hunter is quite interesting but unless I take some shaman archetype it will hold back my wildshape!
Resolve subdomain doesn’t impress me a lot! Destruction (RAGE) domain (blight druid) gives me something similar plus the invaluable ability to rage + rage powers!!!
This is a great way to combine it with furious focus for maxing vital strike damage!!!!
The other way is a barbarian dip!

I would love an elemental form based Druid but the only worthy battle form is the Elder Earth elemental form (2d10 slam) but it is 40 feet long and weighs 60,000 pounds and I cant turn into a huge elemental until lvl 12 but I can turn to a megafauna at lvl 6!

Mythic wild shape is just amaizing!!!
Proteus was a god of the sea but it could turn into any animal, dragon, plant, fire and water (a true Druid) and as his son I will try to avenge Hercules for killing my brothers!

lemeres wrote:

Another piece of advice: go with the bodywraps of mighty strikes instead of the amulet of mighty fists....

Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes is an excellent idea but I think that by the time I can afford it my magic fang will be at least as good,

it doesn’t bypass DR other than magic but with one big hit it doesn’t make that much difference I think!
Also I don’t know if a druid in wildform can activate any item! Only passive magic items work!
finally the amulet is cheaper if you want properties and no flat bonus (magic fang)

XMorsX wrote:
Why not going with a carnivorous ooze as a cave druid?

This is a great build but

1. He is soooo slow
2. this build won’t come together until lvl 10 (we start at lvl 1)
3. no natural armor bonus
4. the whole concept is that we are at Ancient Greece! I will be the son of Proteus, I don’t find it really thematic to turn into an ooze

T.A.U. wrote:

How many build points?

What's the start level? Already mythic or the Ascension will be during the game?

25pb, 1st lvl,the ascension will be during the game...

Hi I'm gonna play in a mythic adventure and i'm planning on playing a Druid with main battle form "Megafauna, Arsinoitherium"
it has a BIG attack and it's still large so its easyer to fight inside)
the same can be done with stegosaurus or a Hipo but i dont like going Huge!

My GM allows 3rd party and all the races so I'm looking for some cool advice...

the plan is to make the infamus vital strike One Big Hit build!

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Hello Guys,
I’m going to run (as a GM) a PvP arena session with 6 of my friends!
It’s the first time for everyone so I’ll need some ideas how to organize it!

Here’s what I’ve come up with :
-no third party
-any race < 15 RP
-only items up to 10 caster lvl (to avoid for example 9th level spell scrolls)
-Average HP
-40 point buy
-no leadership or similar feats
-no hirelings (only 1 mount)
-no planar ally/animate dead
-no craft feats
-no neutral alignment (druids are allowed to be non neutral)

Also some ideas are:
-Some place on the map that you can heal all of your dmg with 10 or 20 rounds cooldown
-some random place on the map with darkness, antimagic field that will randomly change every some rounds
-1 or 2 traps
-every team (probably 2 players) will have a magic ring that allows them to telepathically communicate. Also they can transfer HP with 10 rounds cooldown.
-(maybe) if someone dies and his ally kills the PC that caused his death on the next 2 rounds, he can spend one standard action to revive him to 0 HP
-everybody starts with 1 hero point

Some of the above rules aim to prolong the battle…

Also I’m having a hard time to decide the height of the ceiling.

I’m open to ideas and critique!

no he has a living parasiting armor that grows chains from it's belt and can grapple trip ect!
he also uses his fists alot and spikes!
he flies turns invisible, teleports, heals and can be transformed via his cape into almost anything but he has a fetish with guns for some reason (maybe because he was a soldier...)

Tentacle attack is a secondary attack!
and this is baaaad!!!!

we start 2nd lvl

but i dont realy get the monk dip!he can do the same thing with natural attacks!

i was thinking to take an extra pair of arms with reach evolution but instead of looking like arms to be the chains!

i dont know if monk is ok thematically!

also this is an evil story...

I know that trying to make a build based on a comic hero is rarely successful but I think that with a little help I can build a SPAWN synthesist!

I know that he uses guns but this is an element I won’t use!

So what evolutions-feats you think that will help me build Marvel's SPAWN?

Thanks guys for the help!

Firstly I can’t get it! how can I qualify for the power attack? This cant be correct? I don’t have str and bab and I suppose the bonus I get form the eidolon happens after I select the feat! Or else it means that I can play my character before I take the feat=before I create my character! I can see though that it can be legal at 3rd lvl...
[By the way Master Tinker Gnomes are treated as proficient with any weapon they have personally crafted! Hello Falcata, Fauchard, Net, repeating heavy Crossbow, all the other crazy weapons! How I wish to have a full BAB...]

I don’t think I will have problems with the rules because I will not try to stretch it too much! I’ wont try to do something really extreme!

Now, master summoner: although I love the concept I am sure that will make battles take forever even if I am really well prepared! Also after the riding dog exclusion it will take some lvls to be really effective I think!

Sorcerer: this is an Excellent Idea but already abandoned because I’ve played many times before (enchanter/illusionist is my favorite) and I would like to experience something radically different!

Now for the large evolution I’ve always wondered: a tall human is 6 ft. 10 in, large creatures are 8' to 16 ft. sure, 8 feet is really tall but not a monster! I will be like a a really big medium creature or a short large like dwarves are really short for medium and quite big for small!

large evolution is just too good...

I’m going to play in an evil campaign and I rolled some stats (have not decide race yet)
that cannot be changed or swapped for NO reason!
str 7 - dex 8 - con 16 - int 14 - wis 12 - cha 18

I was planning to play a vanilla summoner but with such a low dex and str I think that synthesist will provide me more survivability and versatility!

we gonna start lvl 1 and we have 1 battle cleric,1 antipaladin and 1 ninja!
Because we will be needed to play a lot inside cities with good people I prefer a biped eidolon so I can blend in easier (my DM agreed to ignore the translucent part)!

what I don’t know is how to build him!I like the idea of a vampire eidolonl. I don’t want in any case to become a monster with 20 arms and 40 heads! I need to look as normal as it gets! But i dont think i can use weapons effectively because I don’t have enough str for power attack feat! so I could really use some ideas! I don’t care to be super optimized, but effective!
Also I was thinking to dip one lvl oracle (Lore) so I can use my charisma to AC and Reflex.

thanks in advance...

I'm running legacy of fire and one of my players became the Moldspeaker!

now, Tempest is a magic weapon that increases the magical bonus as the pc gains levels!

how should i calculate the wealth of this player?
should i include each time the new bonus?
is it an "artifact" with greater value than a standar sword?
should i not include the tempest at all?

Let's say we have a good wooden door HP 15, Hardness 5, Break DC 18.
someone wants to open the door and another is pushing the door from the other side to remain close!

what's the dc open now?
do they have to make str checks?
what + or - do i give to each one of them?

I'm building a mounted cleric of Erastil for kingmaker and I'm not sure if it is better to take a Crusader or to dip in 1 fighter lvl for the armor and weapon prof,as well as the the extra feat!

I plan to have a small race with the animal domain (animal companion) so I could choose Gnome and be proficient with the weapons I craft (lance, greatsword, bastardsword ect.)

I'm gonna have the role of the only party healer/buffer so I want to be the best I can while at the same time contribute to the weak frontline as the other players are ranged...

First of all thanks for the responce!

But I'm not sure I got this right!
If I take the first lvl as a cavalier I will have a cavalier's mount and the and the animal companion's lvls will make the mount stronger (that means that I gain light armor and if it dies i can find another after one week ) BUT if I take the cavalier lvl after I gain the animal companion I'll have an animal companion without light armor prof and I if it dies i have to do the 24 hours s@$$?

Also,I'm sold to small race after all!
what do you suggest, hafling or gnome?

If you mean the Gendarme, he does take power attack but not another feat!
also I don't really understand how a cavalier + animal companion would work.
-Does the animal companion gain light armor?
-if it dies can i find another after one week or after 24 hours?
-Does This new mount gain the link, evasion, devotion, or improved evasion special abilities until the next time the cavalier gains a level.

It's a little messy I think, although it's a good idea if it works like druids animal companion!

I wonder if it's better to have Human or a small race?
medium mounts could me more usefull for sure!(no roc or bat allowed)

but -2 to strength and one less feat is a big deal...or not?

if small is "better", how wins gnome vs hafling (only core races allowed)

also does a "battle" cleric like this needs a high charisma (for channeling and because in kingmaker everybody needs charisma i think)??

Yes but I cant dip in until level 8!!! I might never reach that level! I’ll start lvl 3 and we have low xp!
So I think 1lvl Dragoon fighter or maybe Unbreakable fighter would be better,
Or even 1lvl Battle Oracle could be helpful (not as much as the fighter though)!
Also cavalier might be interesting choice. Is there any good teamwork feat to use with my mount by the way?

Do you think I need to dip 1lvl into fighter (for full plate,martial prof lance and feat), or that 1 lvl will be bigger loss than profit?

There is no real tank in the party and also no healer so i think a mounted cleric could do decent damage (when needed)and still be able to spend all his spells for healing/buffing...

Can a mounted cleric (with lance and animal companion with boon companion), make it in the kingmaker and still be the party’s healer?

Pinky's Brain wrote:
If you just change the class HD to undead racial HD, dropping all the feats and class abilities like a normal skeleton it's fine. The skeleton would be significantly weaker than the larger high HD undead you would normally want to make because of it's much lower strength (giants, dire animals etc).

Yeap, that's the plan...

Is it overpowered if I allow one of my players , when they use animate dead to humans to retain their HDs?

For example animate a 5 lvl human fighter as a skeleton with 5d8!

(this allows them to have useful undead while keeping the number of minions to a minimum)

Can Tower shield grant cover to others exept the wielder?
lets say a homan fighter spends a standar action to gain cover from his tower shield and a dwarf cleric stands behind him!
does the cleric has any short of cover?

Yeah I know that kitsune would be more than great but unfortunately my GM allows only core races…
I do know that there is plenty of stuff that will be affected by mind affecting spells and abilities but I worry about all those that will not..
I haven’t play Kingmaker so I don’t know! Do you believe that it won’t make that much difference if I multiclass???

That’s right, I don’t expect to have only enchantment spells,
but as for spell progression, transforming hold person to something like hold monster same with dominate and (without +) charm person and many more I think it balances somehow the spell progression…

I’m making a new character for Kingmaker lvl 3, 20 point build
I’m thinking an Enchanter Sorcerer with fey bloodline but I’m afraid that I’ll have a serious problem with all those non humanoid encounters! So I thought of Serpentine bloodline but +2 for all compultion spells is so sweet…
The only way to have both, is crossblooding but I know it has major drawbacks!
So I thought to multiclass after the 1st lvl to full wizard!
I would prefer Not to multiclass and be charisma based
but I’m really so confused...
does it worth to multiclass?

Why not use guided hand and less str so that i can be a proper caster too a bit less AC but full casting ability ,better attack bonus, will saves and perception... also i think erastil gives free bow prof. (gods and magic page 15)
something like:
STR 10
DEX 14
CON 12
INT 12
WIS 18(+2 human included)
CHA 11

I'd like some help, building an Evangelist Archer 20points.
I'm thinking of erastil and also i don't know if Evangelist and Crusader archetypes stack and if yes if it's a good idea...

The cavalier is the face as well as the "tank" togather with fighter and the ranger is Very skillfull!cleric is healbot and the wizard...well i guess is the wizard!
I heard the kingmaker is mostly outside so i don't know if a rogue can condtribute more than ranger allready does!
the party is allready full and i think that whatever carachter i do, will try to get inside someone else's shoes...

I'm the 6th character of a 3 lvl party
already a wizard,cavalier,ranger,fighter archer and a cleric and i'd appreciate an advice about what class can contribute most!