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If a player plays a blessing on a check BEFORE the roll, and wants to change the check for whatever reason AFTER the roll with Blessing of Maat, can s/he do so, or would that be considered the same check?

When you reveal Fiendsplitter, you can also discard it for extra dice, and it has another power:

Fiendsplitter wrote:
You may recharge a card that has the Torag trait to add another 1d8.

It has the Torag trait itself. Can you reveal the weapon to fight and then recharge it for that power, or does that have to use another card with the trait?

If two characters have the same card in their hands--say, Glibness, for example--can each player play their copy on the same check, and get that same bonus twice on the check?

It's been determined that a Main Gauche can be played whenever you play a non-2-handed weapon. When you do, does it give a d4 to the roll like a dagger, or the full Strength/Melee +d4 value listed?

Also, and this is only cosmetic, but should the Invigorating Kukri +1 have the offhand trait as well?

When you check the win condition for the scenario, you look at the top card of each location and hope it's an Enemy Ship.

But some henchmen allow you to close the location, which banishes ALL cards except villains. Does that mean if any location is closed, you just can't win no matter what? Or should there be some fix for that, like banishing all cards except Enemy Ships on closing?

So, some scenarios have special loot cards that you get at the end if you win. You can add these cool cards to your deck when you earn them.

But what if you don't, or perhaps even CAN'T, add the loot card to someone's deck right then? Can you add that loot later as if it were Basic--you did earn it after all--or would you need to go through that scenario again to get it back?

(Also, Mike et al, our group is having a blast with PACG. Thanks for making such a fun game! :D )

Ok, so there's an errata for Teleportation Chamber already on how to close it:

Teleportation Chamber (errata'd) wrote:
Examine the top card of a random other open location deck and, if it is a bane, succeed at its checks to defeat. If you did not examine a bane, this location closes automatically.

But what if I defeat a henchman and all other locations are closed (with the villain escaping to this last open location before)? I suppose you can't examine a bane if there are no cards at all...

So, in a game of S&S Cards last night, our magus had his beloved falcata snatched by a smuggler. With his trusty backup whip, he took on the bane, but lost, and discarded the whip to evade it instead of taking the damage.

The Smuggler discards the item if he's defeated, or buries it if he isn't. But what happens to the stolen item when the Smuggler is evaded? The rulebook says "If a monster is evaded, it is neither defeated nor undefeated...", so do either of the effects happen?

(Since there was no errata at the time, and 'let the cards tell the story' is an awesome way to look at it, we decided he got the sword back, either disarming the smuggler with the whip, or tripping him up, and grabbing the weapon before running off. Seemed like the best way to rule it at the time...and cinematic to boot.)