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This adventure was run along with Part 1 for a 12 hour marathon. The first took about 4.5 - 5 hours with skipping the first few rooms.

This one took us around 6 and we skipped the encounters from the tomb entrance and on. It was insanely long for some reason. Not to mention they beat the other group by like 4 days.


Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
There is also the question of how to handle replay credits. Minor, but there does not appear to be room for it as it is now.

You can put multiple numbers in a cell, just separate by a "/" or a ","


I have officially completed my PFS Scenario Tracker for my local group. We have 3 GMs and it is sometimes hard to keep track of who has played what or run what. This will help us track not only our scenarios run, but it will also help track who has played what.

The way this sheet is meant to be used is that you would download it for your own, then...

1.) Row 1 - Input GMs names and society number (e.g. 123456), if you have more than 3 GMs then just input more columns and format like the first 3
2.) Row 1 - Input player names and society number (e.g. 123456)
3.) Main Body - Each cell will end up containing the character # that received credit for the scenario (whether GM or Player) (e.g. 1)

Now you are set-up and just need to continue updating the list every week or so often by adding the played scenario as well as any new scenarios/APs/Modules/Quests

Here is the Link:

Go to PFS Scenario Tracker.