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Today, Saturday, June 10 2017, I went to a store, Adventure Game Store, in David Florida. When I got there I saw and talked to the GM about playing the session that was being run He expressed there was 2 tables and approx 10 player so there would be room for me. When the bulk of the players showed up, the loval Venture-Captain, his wife and stedaughter, another Man and his sone, a 3rd man also showed and said his wife wasn't going to make it. The VC, Ralph Taramona, ttold me there was only going to be a single table and it was reserved for 7 players and I was kicked from playing the module. Is this fair and legal for him to do? I though it was a first come first serve procedure or at least break the tables into 2 smaller tables so everyone could play. And yes there was plenty of space for 2 or cramped 3 tables today. I feel slighted after driving 24 miles to the game to get kicked like this.
Thanks for your help and understanding on this.