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When and if do you plan to release Kline's Venus trilogy, and will you release any of his other work like Maza of the Moon?

Why do you wait so long to put out the different parts of the series you're publishing? Since Planet Stories is releasing a new book monthly, wouldn't it make more sense to put out first one book in a series, then another, then another back to back till the series ends? That's the way the pulp serials in the early twentieth century did things with great success.

Erik Mona wrote:

Probably pretty low on the first two (I haven't heard of them) and a maybe on the last one. There's PLENTY of other stuff we'll likely do first, though.

Honestly, I am finding that most readers know almost nothing of the genre pre-Asimov and pre-Dragonlance, so even authors like Kuttner and Moore face an uphill struggle.

I am committed to that struggle, but Kline is probably as obscure as we're going to get for a while.

Now anthologies, on the other hand...

Fair enough. On a more related topic, do you use the original (book or magazine) versions of the stories you publish or the more recent reprints as the basis for your releases? The reason I ask is that I know in Kline's case at least the original book versions tracked almost exactly with the magazine versions generally doing nothing more than adding a few scenes to make the serials book length while the 1960s reprints cut large portions out of his books (in one instance ten whole chapters) and rewrote some portions of the book. I prefer the originals to the reprints simply because I find it best to judge an author on his own writing rather than the editorial emendations made by later authors.

What are the odds you'll release the Palos of the Dog Star Pack trilogy by J U Giesy or Mike Resnick's Ganymede duology or maybe even the proto-Burroughs Journey to Mars and Journey to Venus by Gustavus Pope?

Brett Hubbard wrote:

WAHOO! Thanks, Paizo, ofr undertaking this! Too many of the great, imaginative, old-school sci-fi and fantasy novels are out of print, and too much of what is written today is too formulaic. PLEASE keep Planet Stories going!

Suggestions for future authors: Clifford Simak, L. Sprague DeCamp, Doc E.E. Smith (esp. Lensman!), Alfred Bester... you just can't find these guys in print anymore.

Thank you again - you've made this reader's day!

Please no de Camp. The guy's overbearing, pompous writing is nothing less than grating. That he also nearly devastated R E Howard's Conan in a mismanaged attempt to revive the series also means he should be left in rightful obscurity.

Erik Mona wrote:

We've already announced The Secret of Sinharat/People of the Talisman and The Ginger Star. We will soon announce The Hounds of Skaith and the Reavers of Skaith. Beyond that there about a half-dozen books we could do, but nothing else is signed yet.

Any requests?


Sword of Rhiannon, Nemesis from Terra, The Long Tomorrow, The Big Jump, Alpha Centauri--Or Die!

Will you be publishing any more of Brackett's work? She easily stands alongside Mary Shelley, C L Moore, and Francis Stevens as one of the best, most ambitious female authors of all time.