Barrik "Glaive-Fist"'s page

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Full Name

Barrik "Glaive-Fist" of the Rmirah-Quah


Human (Shoanti)


Brawler 1







Special Abilities

Martial Flexibility


Neutral Good


Common, Varisian, Shoanti


Mercenary Body Guard

Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 11

About Barrik "Glaive-Fist"

A broad Shoanti soldier stands before you, his arms resting loosely at his sides. His shaved head is festooned with many tattoos of demons, drakes, and unidentifiable creatures. He wears a fitting chain shirt that is pulled tight across his rough spun brown tunic. Wearing loose fitting leather chaps over burlap leggings, his legs end with rugged black boots with metal caps on the heel and toe. His left arm has been replaced from the forearm down with a rounded wooden prosthetic that appears to be missing the hand. It has a metal cap with a hole in the center.


I don't have the time to tell you of my life. I can tell you of my arm and my reasoning, and you'll have to settle with that, young one.

Seven years ago, I was a warrior of the Rmirah-Quah or Scorpion Tribe in your Chelish tongue. While scouting for the Rmirah, I was attacked by our tribe's namesake. In a split second, a mighty black scorpion three oxen long had burst forth from the ground. With two deadly clenches of its claws, it had slain Black Runner, my horse, and taken my arm off cleanly before I could reign him in or even leap from the saddle. I had turned to run, but the creature pursued me relentlessly. It began to close the gap when by chance a pack of alien beasts bore down upon it. They had the appearance of a sea monster crossbred with a Qadiran mastiff. I took my chance to escape, but as I did, one of the creatures turned to face me. I struck out in fear, breaking the creature's jaw cleanly with a solid blow from my stony shin! The others were too busy with the scorpion to assist, and I made my way back to the tribe. Upon arrival, I passed out from blood loss. Having lost my horse and my arm, I felt like less of a Shoanti than a Sczarni card dealer. I left as soon as I awoke in the middle of the night. I made my way to Magnimar and got caught up with the "wrong" sort as you would say. Started breaking faces for a little copper. I must say, "a little copper" twice for it was damn little then. Then one day a man offered to pay me triple what I was being paid to defend him. Defending someone bears great responsibility. I turned on the others I had come with immediately. Defense of the weak came like second nature. It was everything a proud Shoanti would feel greatness in. I destroyed the corruption I was serving just to get by, and in turn, I was rewarded greatly. Which is why I am aboard this ship today. Today I travel with a young woman who appears to have some sort of problems following her. She isn't a terrible person, but she can have quite the temper if you don't watch you tongue. Don't say anything to her and you won't have to face her or me. Simple suggestion.

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