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I was always a big fan of the Al Qadim setting and Arabian themed characters. I wasn't thinking along those lines for this character because I was thinking of stereotypical D&D clerics. Sarenrae has opened new options for me in how I envision my character and has allowed me to bring in some of those Thousand and One Nights elements I enjoy. It's forced me to re-imagine my character, but in ways that are very appealing to me.


Unless more people chime in with other options, I have chosen Sarenrae (or has she chosen me?). I like both of the other deities as possibilities for future characters, but for this one, Sarenrae seems the best fit.

I am preparing to play my first game of Pathfinder and indeed my first tabletop RPG in about a decade. I've decided to play a human who is either a Cleric or Paladin, depending on my party's needs. I want to have a solid idea of my character's background before I go roll that character this weekend. I don't own any of the materials yet since I am not sure this is something I will want to continue doing. I've been relying on the information available on the internet.

I am trying to identify the correct deity for my character so I can start familiarizing myself with it. I am looking for a Good (or possibly neutral) aligned deity that would be the type whose followers defend the weak and downtrodden and fight against injustice; the kind of deity whose followers would take in foundlings and orphans, help the poor, and perhaps even stand up to despots.

I'd also be interested in learning more about the setting in general using whatever free resources are available to me. This is a Pathfinder Society game, so I'm primarily interested in learning about the cultures and regions the current Pathfinder Society campaign takes place in.