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Be careful when you run it


I ran this adventure twice. The first run (PbP) was really good and I enjoyed the game. I think also the players enjoyed it so I decided to run it in my local group.

The second run was not as fun as the first one, the players were thinking more than the players in the first run so they (and me) ran into some discrepancies.


The group in my first game skipped Whiterook entirely, they were able to navigate the ship around the net (thank you natural 20) and they did not stop to meet the guards so they never found out that Uliyara visited the village recently and that during this visit Whiterook was attacked by her aunt's forces. They found out about Haltani's true story when the winter wolf revealed her real identity at Naldak's Point. So they never ran into the 'dilemma' the second group did:

The second group found out about Uliyara on the sailing boat when they travelled upriver to Dalun. They stopped to visit Whiterook and learned about the trade envoy and the attack on the village. I did not manage to find out if Uliyara knew about the attack or not or if she was just 'abused' by her aunt to get into the village. I assume she did not. They players asked her about it, of course. Unfortunately I did not think about that before so I came up with some excuse about her evil aunt. How did her aunt find out about Uliyara as a trade envoy? If Nadya's sister kidnaps Uliyara on regular base, would you tell her that you send Uliyara to Whiterook? I don't think so.

The second thing was: how Nadya comes to the idea that the Pathfinders are spies? Would a spy ask for permission to travel around with her daughter? I think not, they would just take her and run off. And further, why would somebody ask the daughter of Saarbotten's leader who wants to kidnap Uliyara to safe her? Does that make sense? After a few Sense Motive rolls the group finally blieved, that Kiryena is not like her mother and just wants to guide Uliyara back to Dalun safely.

The third thing was: why does Nadya let her daughter walk around without a bodyguard? It seems to me that she's in danger all the time to get kidnapped by the Whiterook guys or her aunt. Nadya obviously knows that her daughter is/was outside Irrisen and even within the Irrisen borders she's not safe. Her mother also knows about her 'alter ego' Haltani, but even when in disguise she gets tracked down.

I think there is some background story missing which leads into some unpleasent situations between the GM and the players. My local players think about the story and the backgrounds and try to understand what's going on. They always find out if something does not make sense.

I read the scenario after the second GM attempt to make sure that I did not mix something up, but I did not.


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A lot of fun when running it with PFS characters


This text contains SPOILERS!!! I used the alterations suggested in the messageboards!

I ran this module on a table with six PFS characters, APL 3. It took us about four and a half hours to complete this module and it was fun. I would have expected more traps and more magical/cursed items (hey, it's a pyramid with a crazy want-to-be-a-god pharao), but the encounters were great. I personally liked the interaction with the two harem ladies and the pharao itself. I read the other reviews and was worried, because I did not want to kill PFS characters on the first two encounters, but the players came up with creative solutions on how to get around. One of the players threw a tanglefoot bag on the pyramid, sticking it to the ground, provoked an AoO when getting past it and ran away, the rest followed. Overall we had a lot of fun searching the pyramid, killing all undead creatures which were lurking around inside the building, especially with a Paladin opening all the doors and looking iside first and shouting "Undead!!!". Actually it was not really challenging for this group (a barbarian, a paladin, a fighter, an arcanist, a hunter and a monk). They did not need a single healing potion or charge of a wand.