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Thanks for the info!

As my aim is to collect all classic D&D creatures/beings, it's often kinda hard to look up whether a Pathfinder creature is the same as an old D&D one. Some are obvious (like, this ZAVACKUUL mini in the new Reign of Winter set is obviously a Roper), but some I only realized after looking them up online -like how the Invidiak (which sounds like a demon haunting Nvidia video cards) is the classic Shadow Demon, or how the Shaitans are basically the Dao under a new name.

I just wanna congratulate Paizo for their marketing strategy. When I bought D&D boosters in the past, more often than not I ended up disappointed and feeling like I wasted 20$-40$ on a booster of nothing but commons and uncommons of below-average quality (Lords of maddness, I am looking at you!) - With Pathfinder Battles, I just got a ton of boosters from Miniaturemarket, and each one contained so many neat minis, regardless of rarity, that I was not disappointed.

The reason for this is oddly simple - unlike D&D, Pathfinder doesn't make Rares the best of the bunch in paint and sculpting. Some uncommons and even commons look just as nice. Moreover, there are many large uncommons that make D&D large rares pale in comparison, and they include many rare creatures. Moreso, the number of commons and uncommons per set is higher, meaning you get a greater selection when buying multiple boosters - so you won't end up with a lot of giant unpainted blobs like D&Ds Trebuchet or Nightwalker.

I am new to this board, but I have been collecting D&D pre-painted minis for years now. I was saddened greatly when D&D minis died off with the otherwise excellent Lords of Maddness.
So I am really happy to see the (in the beginning, mainly PC/hero-focused) Pathfinder Battles extending to include some iconic and many obscure creatures. My main goal with collecting (probably because I am a zoologist) is basically cataloging various creatures, monsters by type and race, and getting physical representations of even the most obscure critter.

Which leads me to my question... Wrath of the Righteous had a ton of classic Tanar'ri demons I never hoped before to see in mini forms, but... under totally different names. The (lesser) Nabassu is now the Death Demon, for example, the Marilith is the Snake Demon, etc. We even got the Gehreleths, but they are called varios Fiends instead of Farastu, etc. Same goes for other creatures too - Sahuagin are Sea Devils for example.

So my question is, can Pathfinder basically use the likeness of some D&D creatures, but not their names, as they are trademarked? And if this is so, why can't they use the likeness of the classic D&D dragons? I like Paizo's dragon minis, but to me they stand out from my other dragon minis and don't have the iconic look of D&D chromatic dragons who look distinct since AD&D 2E - the finheaded, greens, horned blues, curved-horned skull-faced blacks, etc... Did Wizards/hasbro copyright the look of their dragons?